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Beautiful clubs, finally the set that I've wanted and am able to hit


Pros: Beautiful look, nice feel. Playable and forgiving for blades

Cons: Higher irons look a little chunky in the back, doesn't affect playability

Little bit of background. I've played for 25 years. When I was younger I bought a set of Hogan blades that were my fit from eBay, but couldn't hit anything below the 7-iron effectively. I am a 10 handicap who has put a lot of time into his game in the past two years, and went from barely breaking 100 on his home course to shooting in the 80s and occasionally lower. The local pro has spent some time with me and changed my sing and grip to where it is a much more powerful swing/grip and reduced a lot of movement that I had that made me inconsistent. I finally felt like I was ready for a set of clubs that were workable and potentially harder to hit, but giving me more feedback on...
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TheSandTrap.com › imsys0042 › Reviews by imsys0042