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MP-69 3-PW w/DG S300 Shafts


Pros: Pleasing to the eye, "buttery feel" on solid contact

Cons: Chrome finish can be distracting at times

Allow me to digress briefly. My first set of pro type irons were Power Bilt Scotch Blades in 1967 so I grew up playing bladed irons as that was all there was back in the day.  You learned to hit them.  I did play with the Ping Eye 2's for a brief time before owning a set of Mizuno MP 32's.  As I got older I told myself I did not need to be playing blades any longer so I gave the MP32's to my son and switched back to Ping.  This time a set of i5's. But I played my best golf with blades.  When the MP-69's hit the market I fell in love again with Mizuno blades and recently purchased the 3-PW with DG S300 shafts.  They are very pleasing to the eye.The sole...
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TheSandTrap.com › Gapwedge › Reviews by Gapwedge