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Reviews by: Phil McGleno

Multi-Level Marketing Wrapped in a Disguise


Pros: Dalton is supposedly a pro, but I dont buy it

Cons: This costs you money and wastes your time

I've been around golf for decades and Dalton McCrary has been too. My own contempt for his snake oil bullshit is too strong to write a review myself so I compiled a few of the more accurate reviews from http://www.golfreview.com/cat/accessories/dalton-mccrary/straight-shootin-golf/prd_76476_2947crx.aspx#reviews . As soon as a bad review is posted there they add a five-star review from a fake account so I am compiling the bad ones here. I dont care who you are or where you live-Do not waste your money on this. This is "Snake Oil"! I purchased this from one of Kevin Trudeau's infomercials. That in and of itself should be a red flag. The discussion is how "easy" it is. In fact, the tape...
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TheSandTrap.com › Phil McGleno › Reviews by Phil McGleno