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2017 Newport Cup to be held at Talamore Golf Club!

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    • After two games Luiten is already eliminated at the World Match Play tournament. I can make a nice story about it, but the truth is he doesn't play very well at the moment... This also means no top 50 and no participation in The Masters.
    • Hey guys, i am a 7 handicap and I'm in my junior year . I usually average around the 75-79 for my score, and want to apply to Carnegie mellon( all their golfing team has an average above 80) . Would the coach help me with admissions , and what good colleges can I play at I I improve my score . thx
    • I think there are a couple reasons for this trend... One reason is because heads are getting lighter and shafts are getting lighter because "a lighter club can be swung faster than a heavier club."  True enough, but when heads are under 200g and shafts are less than 50g, some length is needed to keep the swingweight up. The other reason is perception.  I'm willing to bet that if Joe Average Consumer went to his local golf store to buy a new driver, and one rack had 46" drivers and the rack next to it had 44" drivers, the longer clubs would sell at least 5:1, just because they are longer.  I have no data to back this up whatsoever, but the mentality that "bigger is better" has an ugly cousin named "longer is better".  It's just a theory, but I think there is some validity to it.
    • Hybrid is a lighter, longer club with a club head designed for more ball speed. I would say 1-1.5 gap distances. So probably 10 -15 yards. 
    • Its hard not to with how you set up to the ball and how you turn.  First, the ball is too far back in your stance. Then the angle of your spine is facing the target at the top of the swing. The angle being, if you draw a line from the top of your head to belt buckle when looking face on at your swing. This means the view your eyes have of the ball is in front of it. This is why you try to save it by falling away from the target. If you didn't you would hit the ball into the ground.  I would check out this thread here,