2017 Newport Cup to be held at Talamore Golf Club!


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    • Haven't used them yet, but my main concern is I'm afraid of losing them. There's like a pouch or something right? I've heard when you go through BT, the sound quality is diminished, but I can't tell the difference.
    • You have an incredibly shallow swing. I'd like to see a few more high-speed videos from good camera angles, and a face-on video too. https://thesandtrap.com/b/playing_tips/filming_your_swing 
    • Sounds bogus. And I think I know what video you are talking about. Tension is not good, but you use a lot of muscles to generate swing speed. Very few of them are truly passive, particularly those actually holding onto the club or swinging around in proximity to the club.
    • A while back, I was following a certain instructor who was advocating what he termed "effortless arms". In general what he was referring to was depending on hip turn in a rotational swing combined with again what he termed "loose wrists" resulting in a swing with the feeling of absolutely no tension in the arms and a snapping of the wrists in the down swing. There is more to it than that, and I may may be over characterizing, but what intrigues me is his demonstration using an inexpensive swing speed monitor about the size of a large cell phone, he showed a swing speed  increase from 85 to 113 mph.  To me, this sounds like too high of an expectation. I do agree however, that tension in general is a robber of distance, I say tension as opposed to resistance, there is a difference.