2017 Newport Cup to be held at Talamore Golf Club!

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    • Got out again today, which was kind of a surprise! My phone rang while I was still in bed, all knotted up from yesterday's golf! It was my buddy's Son who works for FedEx. He had worked about an hour and a half when his Super told him to go home because there was no more work. Well, what did he care, he got paid for 8 hours! So, I booked a time through Golfnow for a local course. This is a course that we would usually consider "second tier" compared to the course we played on Monday. However, the turf was a bit firmer, although you still didn't get any run, but the big difference was the greens! Their greens were completely healed from the prior Fall's aeration, were firm, and putted fairly fast!  I shot an 84, again right in my wheelhouse. The big thing was that I was stiff as a board for most of the front side going out in 45. But I felt I was loosening up in the last few holes. I brought it in with a 39 on the back side to keep it sub 90! And the back 9 is harder than the front. All in all, I'm glad my buddies called me today. There's nothing better to get over a case of stiffness than to get out there and be moving around. And some Ibuprofen doesn't hurt!
    • Yeah, at 71, I work out as I can. But that won't make me look as good as those guys! Truthfully, athletic or slim fit golf clothes are not for most middle-aged or older people. BUT technology in materials has made a huge difference. -Marv
    • I play the tm psi irons now. My pw is 45.5 and I carry it 150. I use a 50 (125), 54(115), and a 58(105). I hate the gap between my pw and my 50. So I went to the golf store the other day and hit the psi aw and it was 50 degrees. It carried perfectly into my gap at 135 yards. Talk about frustrating. 
    • He was really young. Probably 16 or so.
    • He had a particularly vicious dunk during the All-Star Game that Steph Curry had no desire to get in the way of: