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2017 Newport Cup to be held at Talamore Golf Club!

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    • 25/4/17 - Worked on takeaway for a bit and spent 5mins rolling putts on the mat from 8 feet. 
    • Have you played with a lower lofted driver yet?  Maybe that would be more friendly to your fade.  Sometimes a fade comes with a little bit of open face if it's not due to path only. uploft. But good on you for being able to induce your shot shape.  10-15  yards is not a big price to pay for the proper shape and a hit fairway.....(But it's nice to be able to max out anyway). And if you are working too hard from your comfort zone to keep a draw, it might be worth it to get fit for your more natural fade swing..... YMMV
    • patience......quote from the article.  This one was about clarifying the ability of an issue to be fairly caught by the players to be considered for further review from other sources....     Still to be determined is how the governing bodies will address viewer call-ins and post-round scorecard penalties. Representatives from all of the major tours have begun a “comprehensive review of broad video issues that arise in televised competitions.”
    • This changing the rule still does not cover what I see as the real problem. Only a few players on the weekend are under TV "surveillance" so how is it fair to the field that those come under the scope of call in from people off the golf course and the rest of the players get a free pass?? How can you penalize a player after the round is complete and play has started the next day? To me that is what needs to be changed or at least considered for change.
    • BACK IN STOCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just bought 2 more packs, 4 more dozen!