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Visit the site flagstickrule.com to read about and sign a petition for the USGA/R&A regarding the one terrible rule in the proposed "modernized" rules for 2019.

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    • I don't know what Titleist is attempting to do other than introduce their version of a Chrome Soft at a ProV1 price - good distance, soft feel, good spin around greens is what I see posted. For people who were buying Chrome Soft, and Titleist did not want people to desert the Titleist brand... still, worth $10 more than a Chrome Soft? And Callaway is introducing a revolutionary Chrome Soft and CS-X in 2018... Still the AVX will probably be enough to keep most Titleist loyalists at home.
    • I like this visual face on view of the kinda rocking hip look showing the tilt from face on.  This view simplifies the tilts in my brain.  
    • On the Titleist website, one guy who tried them mentioned a price of $48 a dozen.
    • I’m no instructor but I think the key will be to work on one priority at a time.  Erik has given you that one thing. Practice it in slow motion. Take video of those slow motion swings. Speed up til you have it right at full speed. Then continue that until you don’t think about it much. Then incorporate the next thing. The shanks should take care of themselves when you change the picture. Take a look at this: The other things I might add to the mix at any point are static like grip and posture (if those are problems, or if you need a refresher- and I’m not saying you do). Those things can be found here: Basically the shanks will fix themselves as you change the picture. That takes time and deliberate effort, not just a day on the range hitting balls at full speed with new thoughts.  
    • From course to course and region to region, bunkers represent the largest inconsistency in golf conditions as I see it. Example:  Many of the bunkers in and around NE Ohio public courses are, a) rarely in good condition; b) can be a sand and micro pebbly mix; playbox sand; worse. Then you go to a quality place and the bunkers are raked, in good shape and you catch a pretty good lie most of the time.  That is until you take your swing and find out only the top half inch of the sand is good. Your club bounces off the rock hard base beneath the good sand and blade one over the green and into more trouble. Played a couple of RTJ golf trail courses last year.  The sand was powder.  More like moist talcom powder than sand.  No idea how to hit from a bunker with very dense, heavy sand.  Left a few in because I'd never played from that type of sand. Tour pros are fortunate that bunker conditions are consistent from week to week for them.  The rest of us suffer with 'no idea' how the bunkers will behave from round to round. Remedy?  Stay OUT of the bunkers at all cost.  They are not fair, not in good condition and sand consistency is definitely NOT part of bunker play for most of us.

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