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Visit the site flagstickrule.com to read about and sign a petition for the USGA/R&A regarding the one terrible rule in the proposed "modernized" rules for 2019.

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    • 1 - 15 chip 2 - middle 3 - downhill 4 - yes 5 - soft 6 i 6 - yes 7 - spinner 8 - in 9 - when a group behind us is waiting for me to tee off...
    • So you're comparing your answers to ONE pro? That hardly seems like a valid study. I'm a pro. Where would my answers count? Because they are… 40 foot putt or 15 foot chip? (And you almost never have a 15-foot chip. If you're on the fringe, it's a 15-foot putt. If you're in rough, the pin must be about ten feet away from the edge of the green, which is rare. Pros average 2.06 putts from 40 feet, and if you're actually chipping the lie could be bad, etc. so most people should choose the 40 foot putt.) Front, Middle, or Back hole location? Nobody should say any differently. Though people who come up short frequently would probably benefit from a back hole location. Uphill or Downhill shot? Are you asking about the lie or the target being uphill or downhill? I answered if the latter. Downwind or into wind wedge shot? Easier to judge and the ball won't drop out of the air from lack of lift. Hard 7i or soft 6i? Depends completely on the situation. Amped up? Need the ball to stop immediately? Then the answer would be different. Go to tee shot? Driver. Chip and run or spinner? Easier to control. Most people can't rely on a spinner, especially if the lie is at all dodgy. When chipping off green, flagstick in or out? In, clearly, though many higher level players get this one wrong and hurt themselves in the process. https://thesandtrap.com/forums/topic/87552-leave-the-flagstick-in-and-tend-it-too/ Most pressure you felt in golf. I dunno. Haven't really felt pressure in golf. It's just a game. Respond outside of the quote boxes, please.
    • Stock shafts Club.  At least on the GBB and XR16.  I'm unsure about the Ping G SFT but I'm pretty sure it was stock as well.  I'll snap a pic but I know the XR16 had a Speeder Evo 565, stiff just from shopping replacements. Buckeye, I could totally see abuse occurring in the GBB as I bought it used from Edwin Watts but the XR16 was new and wasn't my range rat.  Still, all three?  The odds seem to in someway, be more directed at me.  
    • Wow, a post! He mentions a return to SBS Insight. I found this YouTube clip:   Here's the video from the show's site, but I don't think I can watch it from the US. All I can find is that clip above. http://www.sbs.com.au/news/insight/tvepisode/bouncing-back  
    • 15 HCP 1. 40 foot putt or 15 foot chip? 15ft chip 2. Front, Middle, or Back hole location? middle 3. Uphill or Downhill shot? downhill 4. Downwind or into wind wedge shot? into wind 5. Hard 7i or soft 6i? soft 6 6. Go to tee shot? 5iron, if I really need to hit a fairway. Otherwise driver all day long. 7. Chip and run or spinner? chip and run 8. When chipping off green, flagstick in or out? IN. Duh. 9. Most pressure you felt in golf. First tee at a gathering when my college buddies were heckling. Not like crazy stress or anything, but I had to really focus despite the hangover taunts of about 15 guys. I was first to tee that day, and it was nearly 200yds over water.