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      Introducing TST "Clubs!"   08/28/2017

      No, we're not getting into the equipment business, but we do have "clubs" here on TST now. Groups. Check them out here:

Introducing TST "Clubs!"


No, we're not getting into the equipment business, but we do have "clubs" here on TST now. Groups. Check them out here:

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    • For the most part I don't see any harm in indulging a few "second shooter" or Area 51 conversations. As long as people don't wind up like Tim McVeigh. People are way too uptight. You have to have a little bit of imagination in this life. Almost all children have wonderful imaginations, and adults unfortunately lose it somewhere along the way.  I have the original hollow earth book from the 1960s (the one that launched the hollow earth cult). I found it in a used bookstore for a couple bucks. It was so poorly written I couldn't finish it. But I'm happy to display it on my bookshelf as an oddity and conversation piece.
    • The hollow Earth stuff is actually a pretty fun thought experiment, since from a gravity point of view we wouldn't notice a huge difference so long as the mass worked out correctly. It makes the "falling through the center of the planet" ideas so much more fun to imagine when you picture being on the inside of a giant sphere with cities dotted all over the inside surface.   As for the horizon, who knows how they try to explain away that one. 
    • Yeah I’ve searched for pics as well. Does seem odd that six players made the same error. Must be a ‘section’ of the green where it was ambiguous and I guess those six players were all in that particular section. @iacas, had a rules official came and looked at the area and realized it wasn’t very clear where the green border was could he/she had declared this? I assume since penalties were given somebody knew where the border was? Obviously if a player wasn’t sure he/she should’ve asked but I’m wondering if it was so unclear that the players had no doubt they were on the green? Hopefully some pictures will surface.
    • I haven't seen images of the greens in question either, but I seem to recall that some time ago on the men's tour (perhaps it was in Europe?), the distinction between green and fringe was very difficult to make and they had blue dots of some kind, spaced out every so many feet, at the boundary... Either way, I can't believe so many players would be so careless if they couldn't tell where the boundary was, and that the decision to drop the first round scores was taken as a result. SMH.
    • Not a bad idea. I do the same.   Leave no matter what. "Run Forrest, run."