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Want a FlightScope Mevo?

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:flightscope: I (@iacas) will soon be ordering my second shipment of the awesome and incredible FlightScope Mevo. (Probably the first full week of February.) If you are interested in getting one, please send me a PM.

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    • If I can get 2 years out of a shoe walking almost all of y rounds I'll be really happy with that.  Right now im getting about 1/2 a year out of mine and that's around 30ish rounds.  I'll definitely have to give those a look  Price isn't exactly an issue for me if they are going to last a while.  Right now I'm in it for about $200+ and I still need ANOTHER pair because they are wearing out in the heel.  Thank's for the suggestion I will definitely look into them
    • Putter is fine Patch, I have gone back and forth between my Scotty and Ping with the same result.  Speed could be the issue because my putts finish past the hole ( unless they horseshoe!) but under a foot.  Maybe I'll focus on that.
    • Push day yesterday.  3 sets flat bench, 3 sets leverage incline press, 3 sets leverage decline press, 3 sets machine shoulder press, 3 sets front dumbbell raises, 3 sets dumbbell flyes, 3 sets tricep rope pulldowns.  Lot of volume. Bench is starting to get stagnant...need to eat more lol
    • I've been wearing Footjoy Greenjoys and usually walk my rounds. They have been pretty comfortable and much better on my heal that the Adidas Adizero that I had previously worn. Alas, while my heal didn't blister, the heal of the shoe itself has given way after two years (approx 140 rounds). Now I'm in the market myself.
    • The biggest factor for me is controlling the swing path of the club head with the club loading and releasing through impact.
      Also, having a driver that doesn't require a full out swing all day long which becomes tiresome near the end of the round.
      I've had drivers which I could hit with ease and others that simply wear my ass out.
      While I may sacrifice a few yards, I prefer down the middle all day long. @boogielicious add control to your selection and that would be my vote.

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