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Want a FlightScope Mevo?

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:flightscope: I (@iacas) will soon be ordering my second shipment of the awesome and incredible FlightScope Mevo. (Probably the first full week of February.) If you are interested in getting one, please send me a PM.

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    • Hey, Reuters wrote a piece.  Golf: New rules meant to be make golf faster, fairer and simpler | Reuters The New Year will usher in dozens of new rules in the biggest revamp of golf regulations in decades...  
    • Over the years I have played many golf courses in many states (and other countries) as well as reading some books about golf course design. One thing I have always wanted to do (but probably won't ever do) is design a golf course. I don't think it's a great revelation to anyone but the one thing I have noticed is that the golf courses that I tend to like/admire seem to be the ones that have the feel (or look) that they were naturally already there on the property but just needed someone to "see" the holes. I live in Florida and most of the course around here that I play look "artificial" to me. I mean that they had to be built and earth moved to fit on the piece of property that was available. I would assume that it is harder in Florida, because of the relativity flat geography, to build a natural course (although the courses at Streamsong appear to be natural to me). Even the club where I belong appears to be pretty much built and not very natural. Having grown up in the Midwest (Ohio/Michigan) I guess I have come to appreciate the golf courses in those areas because of the variety of the geography in those areas that add character to the golf courses without being forced by the land used. I would have to say if I ever designed a golf course, the piece of property that is going to be used would be the number one priority in my mind (Again...no huge revelation). Maybe that's why I have always been a fan of older golf courses as opposed to the newer ones although it looks like a number of golf course designers are returning to the natural look and feel of those classic courses. 
    • I enjoy that feeling of solid contact and watching a ball go where I want it to go.  Sense of accomplishment and it's fun to do that.  Wish it happened more regularly.  
    • Playing a good tight match against a good guy (and good player) is one thing I enjoy about as much as anything in golf.  It sure is hard work, but its a lot of fun at the same time.  Its even more fun when its all over 

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