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    • My loyalty is usually whatever happens to be on a huge discount around the time I'm looking for something specific. Taylormade driver and 3wood, titleist 3i-aw (48 deg), Cleveland 52 and 56, and nike putter.
    • I like the birdie balls. I put my grandson and granddaughter in the back yard, each with a fish landing net and they try to catch them as I hit them. Game for them and I don’t have to pick them up...
    • Saw this this morning on Sky Sports News and was thinking what happens if the player fails the online rules test? Do they miss the next tournament, do they have a timescale to retake or if they fail "x" amount of times do they lose their card? I think its a good idea on the whole and pretty brave of the Euro Tour. Be good to see how it pans out.
    • I just got fitted for a set of these, so I had to post it.
    • All great suggestions, thanks, I was very frustrated and reaching out for humor. After a little retrospect my first mistake was drinking coffee before playing. Caffeine makes me hyper. I was 4 shots back and when I jab stroked the 3 footer on the 1st hole for birdie because the guy ahead of me was in the hole with a bogey. Then it is like water running down a hill slow at first then picking up speed, I missed a par on #2 inside 4 ft. and I was off to the races, 3 putts aplenty. I taught for a long time and I am overly analytical to a fault. My mechanics changed like the wind while searching each hole for the golden stroke. Confidence, imagination, and feel are the keys. I'll work at as always and maybe next tournament will be reversed.
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