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    • Brandi Carlile. An American treasure.   
    • Absolutely right. But had he used his regular caddy...who couldn’t have yielded a better outcome as he won, he would’ve been out 120k. I think giving less than half that and gain enourmous popularity would’ve been worth it. I also agree the attitude about wealth has some unfortunate social issues...but I think this case was one he should’ve just rode the tide with. 
    • I said that because he won and it he might have avoided the situation if he paid him 15-20K. Mostly agree and I think that's a problem. This is my issue with the whole thing is how people make judgements about others based on their income thinking what they would do with their money based on their current lifestyle. My wife and I have good friends that are worth as much or even more than Kuchar, several thousand dollars is still seen as a lot of money to them. It's a big deal to them when we pay for a meal/entertainment because their other friends never pick up the check. People in that position are often take for granted even by people in their inner circle. You don't know what other expenses Kuchar has or how many people he's supporting.  @Vinsk you know this but Kuchar isn't taking home the 1.3M, half goes to taxes, then he's got his swing coach, agent, traveling expenses. Still a lot of money but it's gets divided up quick.
    • I was never a big fan of McDonald's fries. I would claim Five Guy's fries as more superior than McDonalds.   
    • I know they can do it, but it`s not mine 😄. I have a canon powershot SX240 HS and in the settings you can set it to high speed 1080, it should do the trick. I`ll try to go to a range soon and record myself with driver and iron.

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