Chrysler Classic of Tucson Preview

Five of the last six winners have made the Chrysler Classic of Tucson their first wins on the PGA Tour so you won’t hear them complain about stars missing from the field.

Chrysler Classic of TucsonThe PGA Tour makes another stop in my beautiful sunny state with the Chrysler Classic of Tucson. However, the shine will be coming from the sun as most of the PGA Tour and international golf stars are in Carlsbad, California for the Accenture Match Play Championship. With top players like Tiger, Vijay and Phil out of Tucson, it leaves the event ripe for the picking by a player looking to get his first win on the PGA Tour and secure his card. In fact, five of the last six winners in Tucson were first time winners and some guy named Phil Mickelson won his first PGA Tour event in Tucson as an amateur and then went on to win it two more times. So there is still a lot of love for the event or is there?

Wie Debuts at Third in World Rankings

The first ever Women’s World Rankings have been released, and Michelle Wie is third? In the words of many, “WTF?”

Big WiesyThe first comprehensive world rankings system for women has been released. As you would expect, Annika Sorenstam tops the list. Her place atop the list was a foregone conclusion, but the placement of some other gal golfers has many scratching their heads in confusion.

Most notably, rookie Michelle Wie occupies the third spot on the list with a 9.24 points Average, sandwiched between Paula Creamer (second place with 9.56) and Cristie Kerr (6.94).

Creamer and Kerr combine for eight career LPGA victories while Wie has a big goose egg in professional golf. Kerr voiced her opinion on this matter, saying “Michelle is a sweet girl, she really is, but she hasn’t done anything worthy of being ranked so high.” While this may seem true, the Women’s World Golf Ranking doesn’t rank players the same way the men’s system works.

A Weekend at the Golf Show and Why it Sucked

It was quite routine for early man to travel in packs. It just doesn’t work at a golf show, that’s for sure.

Thrash TalkFor the past couple of years, I have grown increasingly more obsessed with the game of golf. Currently, I can’t explain why my delicate condition, I fear that it has grown to an alarming proportion. My mind constantly wanders and thinks about anything and everything golf. It is like a deep, deep sickness. My family and friends often grow annoyed by my constant chatter of the game.

Titleist Responds To Callaway Suit

Titleist has fired back at Callaway’s golf ball patent infringement suit.

Bag DropLast week we brought you the opening salvo in a lawsuit Callaway Golf has filed against Acushnet, parent company of Titleist. Callaway alleges that the Titleist Pro V1 golf ball infringes upon four patents that Callaway acquired when it purchased Top-Flite Golf Company in 2003.

Acushnet has since released a statement clarifying its position on the disagreement. Read on to see what the Titleist take is, and where we might go from here.

Volume Forty-Seven

Here’s my nine favorite places to check for golf links each day. So bookmark them and check in daily.

Hittin' the LinksUnfortunately for me, this will be the last edition of Hittin’ the Links you’ll be receiving from me. I’ve enjoyed scouring the Web to find new products, sites, and articles to link to. This week, I thought it would be nice to put together a list of my favorite places to find Hittin’ the Links fodder.

Thanks for reading.

On My Mind

Tiger, 695.MB, 259 yards, and lots of ladies are on my mind as we really kick off 2006. What’s on yours?

It’s difficult to cope with the fact that the temperature in fahrenheit has less degrees than the loft of my hybrid right now. But cope I must, as “golf season” is a few months away for us in the northern regions of the United States.

A variety of things weigh on my mind these days, or at least flit through from time to time. The Masters will be upon us before we know it, my promise to “play as much golf as possible” will be revised almost daily by other obligations, and my fantasy golf team is in serious need of a kick in the pants. Some other things weigh on my mind, though, and as The Sand Trap is – at least in some small part – a blog, I’m going to take this opportunity to get a few out there.

Feel Golf Wedge Review

Find out if Feel Golf Wedges really do have feel or if their name is just an oxy moron.

Feel Golf LogoI love wedges. No, not wedgies, wedges. As in sand wedges, lob wedges, pitching wedges, and gap wedges. I’ve probably used 30-40 since I started playing the game… and I’m only 26. Yes, I might be just a bit crazy.

My obsession began because when I was younger, chipping was the only way I could practice. Since I couldn’t always get a ride to the golf course, I spent a lot of time chipping in the front yard. To the detriment of my parents, I learned how to hit flop shots in the backyard, trying to lob golf balls over the house (breaking only a couple of windows). Heck, I’ve went so far as to build a make-shift bunker in my parents’ backyard. Maybe I’m weird? But I’ve always had an unhealthy obsession with wedges.


Golf is a great source of exercise. Whether you walk or ride, you are burning calories. The only problem is that we often consume quite a bit on the golf course as well.

The Numbers GameThere are a lot of debates about whether golf is a true “sport.” Tired of hearing people whine, I’ve decided to make “fitness” and “exercise” the focus of this week’s Numbers Game – the true “sport or not” debate can wait for another time.

What is not debatable is the fact that you get quite a bit of exercise in golf-related activities. How much? I’ll break down my previous year and see just how many calories I burned and maybe how to change a few things to burn a few more.

Preview: SBS Open – Aloha Ladies!

It’s opening day for the LPGA! Tour veterans and Q-School finalists go head-to-head at the SBS Open. A new points system builds excitement early in the season with a crescendo that ends with the biggest paycheck ever!

SBS Open LogoI wouldn’t miss the opening of LPGA golf season for the world so I am back from my brief respite to enjoy the festivities. The final field has already been chosen and viewers will have a first-hand opportunity to see both emerging golf stars as well as to welcome back some familiar faces.

In addition, the SBS Open will be played at the spectacular Turtle Bay Resort in Oahu. For readers who follow Big Break V:Hawaii, this is the same retreat that functions as the reality show’s training ground. The winner of BBV will have the opportunity to challenge the top performers in the field of women’s golf later in the season.