Volume Seventy-Four

Make up your mind Tiger. Do you want to win in a playoff, or do you want to win while coming back from a three-shot deficit?

Tiger Woods wins another golf tournament, Thomas Bjorn lashes out at European Ryder Cup captain Ian Woosnam for not picking him, and Annika Sorenstam fires a final-round 62 to capture another LPGA event.

I swear professional golf never gets old or boring!

Ogio Straight Jacket Travel Bag Review

The Ogio Straight Jacket: a $99 travel bag that protects your sticks while looking stylish to boot.

Ogio Straight Jacket HeroThe tales of a golfer on the go’s woes often begin with “airline baggage handlers” and ends with “broken clubs.” It’s a sad tale, yet one that needlessly plays itself out time and time again across the airports of the world. A golfer arrives, waits anxiously at the baggage claim, pulls his clubs off the track, and opens the zipper to his rain hood with trepidation. Have his favorite clubs survived or met an ugly fate?

The frequent golf traveler has no doubt invested in a golf travel bag. Travel bags fit over your standard bag – be it a cart or a stand bag – and offer additional storage and protection to your collection of sticks. Ogio, makers of some fine stand and carry bags, makes two travel bags: the Monster and the Straight Jacket.

I’ve spent some time recently lugging my clubs through airports in a Straight Jacket, and here’s what I think.

Bunker’s Dozen: September 2006

Tiger Woods is on top of his golf game and this month’s Bunker’s Dozen!

Thrash TalkTiger Woods ruled the golf world in July… and August. Woods claimed his second major championship in a row and the twelfth of his career. He also won the next week at Firestone for his fourth consecutive tournament victory. The talk of another Tiger-slam has already started to heat up.

Other than the domination by Eldrick, Richie Ramsay became the first Scottish-born golfer ever to win the United States Amateur Championship. Was that enough to put him on this month’s list? How about Phil Mickelson’s struggles? Did his shaky play finally knock him off the Bunker’s Dozen? Find these things out and more in this month’s list.

If you have anything to add, feel free to comment below or discuss it in the forum. I hope you enjoy!

TaylorMade r7 Draw Driver Review

The TaylorMade r7 Draw Driver is supposed to help cure a slice and add distance, but so say many other drivers. Does this one have what it takes to cure this slicer’s problem?

Taylormade R7 Draw Driver HeroThere is no mistaking TaylorMade’s popularity when it comes to drivers. They are a consistent driver count leader on the PGA Tour. There’s a reason for that. The r7 driver is the latest in a long series of drivers released by TaylorMade, makers of the first metal driver. The latest iterations in that series, the r7 425 and 460, were reviewed positively earlier this year.

Fast forward to the present. TaylorMade’s latest r7 driver is the “r7 Draw.” After reading about the r7 Draw driver at TaylorMade’s site, I felt that I understood what the club offered. As a slicer, I was filled with hope.

Reading about something on the Internet is one thing. Playing with it is another. After spending a few weeks with the driver, it didn’t take me long to find my answer. Read on to find out if TaylorMade’s newest release is hit or miss.

The Golf Ball

Modern golf balls bear only superficial resemblence to balls of the distant past. Take a peek with me at the evolution of the golf ball.

ProFilesIntegral to just about every sport (minus curling) is some kind of ball. For hundreds of years the golf ball has evolved from a rock or primitive wooden sphere to the technological marvel it has become in recent years.

No other sport has allowed as many differences in their ball’s playability as golf has the golf ball. Foremost on a modern player’s mind are spin, compression, distance, and aerodynamics. Different players want different things from golf balls. Some need lower spin for distance others are looking for higher spin for different flight and control possibilities. Golf ball makers have seized upon this opportunity and churn out a plethora of options for amateurs and pros alike. Golf equipment manufacturers make more money from golf balls than they ever will their clubs.

So where has the lowly golf ball come from? What is it’s history? Lets take a peek…