Volume Eight-Six

The demons of Winged Foot or just a freakish drive? You decide.

Well, that was quite an exciting bit of action on Sunday as one of the PGA Tour’s young guns pulled the victory rug right out under old Philly (nice drives on 18, buddy). Could we have a new challenger to Tiger? Ha, just joking.

This week we have a recap of the Nissan Open, the return of the LPGA, the new Wandering Golfer, and some visual help for you rules aficionados.

Golf Talk [Episode 047]

Bill Murray at Pebble: fun a decade ago. Danny Gans today? Just shoot me. I’d rather watch college basketball.

PodcastPhil Mickelson may not be able to dress his son properly, but he does know how to win a golf tournament when he’s hot. This week in Golf Talk we discuss Phil’s win at Pebble, Michelle Wie’s new ADT opportunity, slow play, Bill Murray and the incredibly annoying Danny Gans, the loss of The International, Tiger’s design work, and a lot more.

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Bunker’s Dozen: January 2007

A very familiar name starts off the season in style and also tops this month’s list.

Thrash TalkIt’s hard to believe the 2007 PGA Tour season is already a month and a half old, but it’s the truth. It’s been a year of close calls for many of the world’s top young golfers. On the other hand, Vijay Singh and Tiger Woods have already found the winner’s circle. The inaugural FedEx Cup is off to a great start, and it will be interesting to see how things work out throughout the season.

The European Tour is also in full swing, while the Champions Tour and LPGA Tour are dragging behind a little. How will all of this impact the first Bunker’s Dozen of 2007? Keep reading to find out. If you have anything to add, please comment below or discuss it in the forum.

Early Season Disappointments

The FedEx Cup is off to a solid start, but a few things have kept it from being even better.

Thrash TalkAfter Phil Mickelson missed the cut at The FBR Open, I was ready to write his season off. Lefty bounced back this past weekend at Pebble Beach and proved he still has what it takes to seal the deal. He is obviously in better shape physically and mentally, and it was nice to see him win his 30th career PGA Tour event.

Mickelson officially put his name near the top of The FedEx Cup standings and will more than likely be a contender most of the season. After six events, Tiger Woods, Vijay Singh, and Lefty have all found the winner’s circle. That is great for ratings, and it will keep fans more involved throughout the inagural FedEx Cup season. It’s just unfortunate all three won’t be in the same field until the Accenture Match Play Championship in two weeks.

Adams Golf Launches Insight Drivers and Fairway Woods

Contrary to some opinions, MOI doesn’t stand for “Mighty Odd Implement.” It means “Moment of Inertia” and Adams has joined the race to deliver more of it.

Bag DropAs we wrote in last week’s Bag Drop, MOI appears to be this year’s marketing battleground for drivers with most manufacturers opting to offer two different models.

While some companies have come up with some very odd shapes to increase MOI and thus forgiveness and resistance to twisting on off-center hits, others, like Adams Golf, are introducing high-MOI drivers that actually look like a golf club.

Adams new Insight lineup of drivers and fairway woods keeps to the current trend of multiple model introductions. In fact, there are three versions within the line… BUL (Big, Ugly, and Long), BTY (Beauty), and Belle (for women). Despite the BUL moniker, it doesn’t look anywhere near as odd as some others. Here’s the story…

Volume Eighty-Five

This week we have a Phil sighting, the Pink Panther at Hooters and the end of funky scoring system known as the Stableford.

Hey, a Phil Mickelson sighting! Phil got to hoist a trophy and accept a large cardboard check this weekend! Has he excised the demons of the final hole of the 2006 U.S. Open?

This week we have a recap of the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am, Wie’s bad break, and death of the Stableford scoring system on the PGA Tour.

Nine Holes with Lee Trevino

Golf has had its characters and Lee Trevino might be the most quotable of them all. Hop on the cart and join me for a quick nine with Trevino.

ProFilesElected to the World Golf Hall of Fame in 1981, Trevino is truly a memorable character in golf lore. His ability to distill truth into a Trevino-ism is well known. His ball-striking exceptional, his ability to talk in the middle of a swing a little odd, and his PGA and Champions Tour records have cemented him as one of the very best to have stalked the fairways.

Trevino once said, “I’m down in the top 30. I won six majors, but I wasn’t dominant, wasn’t long enough for courses like Pebble and Augusta.” And while he doesn’t give himself much credit, history will make up the difference. He is one of a kind.

Calculating the Handicap Indeces of the Pros

If Tiger Woods played you, how many strokes would he be giving up to make a fair match? The answer may shock you.

The Numbers GameYou may consider yourself a fine player with your three handicap. Or perhaps you frequently play to your 15 handicap. You may even think that Tiger Woods could spot you a stroke per hole and you’d have a close match.

And you’d be right… if you were the three handicap. And Tiger would still probably win.

We’ve talked about how to calculate your handicap here at The Sand Trap before, but the handicaps of our favorite PGA Tour pros remain a mystery. Sure, we know they’re in the “+” realm (which, oddly enough, means better than scratch while worse-than-scratch golfers have signless handicaps), but how far?

Golf Talk [Episode 046]

Why wasn’t Phil at the FBR Open? We thought he loved those weak-field birdie fests!

PodcastTiger loses to Stenson and Els, Baddeley knocks off Quinney at the FBR, we discuss the raucous 16th in Scottsdale, and a smattering of other tidbits from the world of golf, this week in Golf Talk.

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