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February, 2007

TaylorMade SuperQuad and Burner Drivers, Fairways Unveiled

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Bag DropOver the past few weeks we've covered the latest driver introductions by Callaway and Nike, Tour Edge, and Cleveland. Except for Tour Edge, every company brought out two different models at the same time… one more conventional and workable, the other more radical and forgiving.

This week and next we'll be taking a look at the latest driver and fairway wood offerings from TaylorMade. TaylorMade has also followed the "two model" format.

What's so interesting about the TaylorMade unveiling of its SuperQuad and Burner drivers at last week's PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando is that their stated MOI number for both is very near the USGA limit. And they're not shaped like a science fair project. Here's the story…

Volume Eighty-Four

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Football season is officially over until next fall (or until training camps start in, what, April? Oh, and the draft… and college recruiting, and…) and now we can put our full attention to the world of golf.

This week we have a recap of the FBR Open, Sharon Stone's golf game, and proof that Tiger is human after all.

Aaron Skidmore

Feb. 2, 2007     By     Comments (9)

ProFilesAaron Skidmore isn't your typical professional. In fact he never really was a pro golfer, except that he is and always will be a pro to me. I can't remember what his swing looked like and there isn't one swing tip I remember him passing on to me. He gave up the game out of necessity long before I took it up.

But still I consider him the one who handed me the baton. It was he, whose passion for the game somehow found its way to me and surfaced about three years after he passed away. I came by it honestly because Aaron Skidmore was my Grandpa.

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Nike CCi Cast Irons Review

Feb. 2, 2007     By     Comments (89)

Nike CCi Iron HeroI've had the opportunity to review a few different sets of irons over the past six or eight months, all of which were positive experiences. I had the Nike Slingshot OSS Irons first, and I hit those pretty well. They weren't as consistent as I would have liked, so I was very excited to give the Nike CCi Cast irons a chance.

The Slingshot and CCi irons are completely different when it comes to technology and look, but in the end, they are about the same when it comes to performance. The CCi Cast irons are respectable in all categories, but is respectable enough in the competitive world of golf equipment? Read my breakdown to find out if they are made for you or not.

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Training Aids

Feb. 1, 2007     By     Comments (6)

As I continue with building my off-season plan, I have been looking at various training aids that I can use during the winter months to help me build a more consistent, repeatable swing. I also figure I'll be able to get off to a fast start once the snow melts.

As with the rest of the golf equipment industry, training aids have exploded over the last few years and it was a bit maddening to sift through all the various kinds and styles. It seems as if everyone has an idea that will help you correct your slice, find the "slot," or help you gain twenty yards. After spending a few months looking over the multitude of options, I think I found a few that will help me accomplish my goals.

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