Cobra Introduces UFi irons

Cobra’s UFi irons are like dating Angelina Jolie. Easy on the eyes, but without the attitude when you come home late smelling like cigars and booze.

Bag Drop As winter quickly approaches, and as more and more golfers are constrained to the indoor putting greens and driving ranges, we all quickly develop a case of “equipment-itis.” I know I do. I start delving into the stack of catalogs leaning precariously under the coffee table. My random visits to eBay become more like daily rituals, and my cell phone beeps constantly with text messages alerting me to soon-ending auctions.

The latest release from Cobra could quite possibly become the topic of one of these text messages.

Cleveland CG Red Irons Review

Does the red “Gelback” mean you’ll soon be shooting red numbers? Read on…

Cleveland CG RedCleveland Golf builds some of the finest iron sets in the world, yet rarely seems to receive the recognition rightfully heaped on other manufacturers. Despite having a small PGA Tour staff – Cleveland famously dropped David Toms at the beginning of 2007 – Cleveland players such as Jerry Kelly, Vaughn Taylor, Brett Wetterich, and Vijay Singh continue to have success on the PGA Tour.

Cleveland marches to a slightly different drum than the other manufacturers. They don’t offer a square or triangular driver, instead choosing to stay with the swooped-back HiBore model, which met with lukewarm reviews in its first incarnation before delivering an incredible club with the HiBore XL.

In 2007, Cleveland added to its venerable irons lineup with the CG Red and the CG Gold – a pair of cavity-back irons aimed squarely at separate niches in the golf community.

We’ve given the CG Reds a thorough testing, and the results are in. Read on to see what we think: are they duds like the first-generation HiBore drivers or has Cleveland skipped that phase and gone on to greatness?

The Markers Club Redefines Luxury Golf Membership

Dreaming of playing the best courses in the world… as a member? Your dream is now a reality.

Mitch Brinton and Ron Wade had a dream and a passion for the game of golf. The high school pals wanted to live at and play on the best private courses in the country, and they wanted to let others do the same. With The Markers Club, they’ve done so.

The Markers Club is perhaps best described as an exclusive, virtual golf club. With membership and luxury homes at 11 of top golf destinations in the U.S., Mexico, and Scotland and an additional 13 planned, including spots at St. Andrews and in Ireland, The Markers Club has gotten quite a start on the dream.

Cleveland Introduces New CG14 Wedge

Hot on the heels of the CG12, the “better player’s” wedge, Cleveland is releasing the CG14 for the rest of us.

Bag DropThe wedge choices on the market today are enough to baffle even the most astute of short game wizards. Now, with new buzz words like “visco-elastic vibration-dampening material,” Cleveland Golf has come out with the CG14, the latest in its venerable “CG” line of wedges.

For the past 20 plus years, Cleveland has held the top spot in the wedge category. Thanks primarily to Titleist’s line of Vokey wedges – with assists by Callaway, TaylorMade, and weak sales of the CG11 – Cleveland’s market share was reduced by a few points in 2006. After a quick recovery, Cleveland continues to once again distance itself from the competition.

Volume One Hundred Nineteen

Just way too many Fry’s tournaments to keep track of.

Hitting the LinksMike Weir has played some good golf of late and that continues as he wins for the first time since 2004 at the Fry’s Electronics Open. And I tip my hat to the participants in the Kabul Desert Classic. Playing there take some serious guts.

This week, we have several links from the Fry’s Electronics Open, The First Tee celebrates a birthday, and sometimes missing a cut can be a life saver.

Extending the Season

Ah, winter, a time to relax by a warm fire? Nah! Time to hit the links!

Trap Five LogoEven if you are not lucky enough to live in place blessed with a 12-month golf season, you can still get more golf out of your year (as long as you’re willing to make a few concessions to Mother Nature). As JP recently pointed out, many of us in the northern half of the northern hemisphere are facing another winter with less golf than we can enjoy in the summer. Here in Ohio, we are currently enjoying bonus rounds (in shorts!) at the moment, but Old Man Winter will surely rear his ugly head at some point.

Golf Rants, Vol. 2: The Boob Tube

And I’m not talking about the LPGA Tour here, either!

Thrash TalkLast week I told you how I dread the coming winter. One reason I neglected to mention was that it means I’ll be forced to quell my golf jones more frequently with TV. Well, the matter was so important I figured it needed its own column.

I suppose you could say we’re lucky to have so much golf on TV today. When I started playing golf seriously in the late 1980s, there was quite a bit of golf on TV, but nowhere near what we have today. Golf Channel gives us something golf-related 24/7, and between all the pro tours and specialty events, there is some kind of event on just about every weekend of the year.

I think it was better when there was less.

Golf Talk [Episode 074]

Michelle Wie didn’t finish in last place! And that’s what her career has come to: trying not to finish in last?! Sad.

Golf Talk PodcastMichelle Wie embarrasses herself again, but doesn’t finish last as Lorena Ochoa wins her seventh. Also, Ernie Els wins, Jacqueline Gagne is a liar extraordinaire, and much more in this week’s episode of Golf Talk.

You can subscribe to the RSS feed for our podcasts here or download Episode 074 as an MP4 file. For those who want to subscribe to us in iTunes, click here.

For this week’s Show Notes – links to articles we discuss in the show and additional information – just read on.

Cobra Intros L4V Driver and TaylorMade Intros r7 CGB MAX Line

I think Cobra and TaylorMade are trying to make it easier to dial in your golf game than it is to find a Friday night keg party at a college campus.

Bag DropWhile you suckers in the northern states are preparing to put your clubs away for the winter, us lucky souls down south are simply trying to remember where we’ve put our long pants. After all, that’s all winter really means to us: pants instead of shorts when we golf.

Us southern boys also get the opportunity, unlike you Yanks, to try out the new equipment that is invariably released in September or October. This week, we’ve got news of lots of new gear from both Cobra and TaylorMade.

Don’t worry, my northern brothers, you’ll be playing this equipment in six or seven months!