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October, 2007

Volume One Hundred Eighteen

Oct. 15, 2007     By     Comments (0)

Hitting the LinksLorena Ochoa continues her domination of the LPGA Tour as she wins the Samsung Championship for her seventh victory of the year. She also takes Player of the Year honors for the second year in a row.

This week, we have several links from the Open, Lorena Ochoa's seventh win of the year, and a story about John Daly's balls. Golf balls, that is.

Nike to Introduce KARMA Golf Balls

Oct. 14, 2007     By     Comments (31)

Bag DropIf Nike's new golf ball does what it boasts, it may just drive away some potential buyers. That's because the new ball is named KARMA, so if you're playing too slow, or don't bother to tip the cart girl, you might just find yourself behind a tree, or fishing your balls out of the water. On the other hand, maybe this will become the golf ball with the best hole-in-one record. Or maybe it'll just go in the hole more frequently for those who are about to ascend to another plane of existence…

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Colbert Putter Plating

Oct. 13, 2007     By     Comments (11)

Colbert Putter Plating LogoI love putters. All shapes, sizes, lengths, and colors. Mostly I love putters that are different or unique.

My Scotty Cameron Newport putter is not a very unique putter since the Anser-style is the most copied putter design ever. My putter is - or I should say was - a very ugly one in need of a drastic restoration. I had to change it.

I could have sent my putter off to Scotty's Custom Shop, but they only don't offer very many finishes Enter Colbert Putter Plating, owned and operated by Kevin Colbert out of Blaine, Minnesota. Colbert Putter Plating came highly recommended from some acquaintances and other putter aficionados who, like me, were looking to give their putters a little TLC. Great thing about Colbert Putter Plating is that he can refurbish nearly every make and model out there, so it's a great one-stop-shop for putters.

After visiting the Colbert Putter Plating website, my imagination quickly began to race with ideas of how to transform my ugly duckling into a sexy swan.

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Golf Mind Software Review

Oct. 12, 2007     By     Comments (8)

Golf Mind CDWhen I heard about the Subconscious Training Corporation and their mental training series for golfers, I knew I had to try it. As a physician and skeptic of the millions of herbal remedies, supplements, and outright snake oil that gets pushed on a gullible public, I was determined to assure that no such quackery made its way into the homes or dented the bank accounts of golf enthusiasts.

So, after a thorough review, what is the verdict? To my surprise, I'm here to say that one out of one physician agrees that, while unlikely to turn an uncoordinated chopper into Gene Littler, Golf Mind Software can definitely help your game. That is, if you let it.

The Five Club Challenge

Oct. 12, 2007     By     Comments (21)

Trap Five LogoA friend of mine invited me to play in a casual five-club challenge a few weeks ago. By "five-club challenge," she meant that you could only carry five clubs (not that there were five different clubs competing). As it turned out, I wasn't able to play because of a little thing called a job (my early retirement plan hasn't yet come to fruition… come on Super Lotto!), but I did go so far as to start planning out my strategy.

The Winter of Our (Golf) Discontent

Oct. 11, 2007     By     Comments (9)

Thrash TalkHaving lived most of my adult life below the Mason-Dixon line, settling in the northeast has thrown a wrench into my golf game. As I prepare for my second climate-imposed golf hiatus, I must admit I'm a bit nervous.

How will I get through the winter (with apologies to Elizabeth Kübler-Ross)?

Mizuno Introduces MP-57 Irons, MP-T Wedges, MP-600 Driver, Black Carbon Putters, and More

Oct. 10, 2007     By     Comments (13)

Bag DropWhen we last checked in with Mizuno at the Bag Drop they were introducing a hybrid fitting system. Apparently that didn't wear Mizuno out as they've recently unveiled eight - yes, you read correctly, eight - new products covering every type of club in the bag, every skill level, and every gender.

This week's Bag Drop is Mizuno-heavy, with a new MP iron, new Bob Bettinardi putters, new wedges, drivers, fairway woods, hybrid iron sets, women's sets, and more.

Read on for the details.

Volume One Hundred Seventeen

Oct. 8, 2007     By     Comments (1)

Hitting the LinksPlayoffs weren't just happening in baseball this week as both the PGA Tour and LPGA Tour needed some extra time to give us winners in the Valero Texas Open and Longs Drug Challenge.

This week, we have several links from the Valero Texas Open, Annika turns down an invite, and Payne Stewart's son is making a name for himself.

Nine Holes with Steve Stricker

Oct. 5, 2007     By     Comments (3)

ProfilesSteve Stricker almost disappeared into the woods of Wisconsin. His resume went from "promising young player" to "washed up 30-something" in a matter of months. But with the help of a space heater, his father-in-law, and a trailer on a driving range, Stricker found his game again.

By all accounts, Stricker is a nice guy, a "regular joe." Tiger calls him "classy." His rollercoaster PGA Tour career has been a riches-to-rags-to-riches story.

Stricker showed early promise on Tour. He won twice in 1996, his seventh year as a pro, and he seemed destined to be among the premier players. He won again in 2001, but then gradually, his swing left him and his scores rose.

He missed getting his card at the 2005 Q-School, but he's has come a very long way since. This year, Stricker finished second in the FedExCup, made the Presidents Cup team, and scored his first win since 2001. He's on a two-year streak of solid play that shows no sign of slowing. 2008 could be another very good year for Steve Stricker.

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