Golf Talk [Episode 086]

Playoff weekend, baby! Adam Scott takes down Ryan Moore, Paula Creamer gags in OT against Annika, and Darren Clarke nails a birdie on 18 to avoid his playoff and win for the first time since 2003.

Golf Talk PodcastAdam Scott wins in a playoff over Ryan Moore, Creamer gags a putt against Annika in a playoff, Darren Clarke gets back in the winner’s circle, and w whole lot more in this episode of Golf Talk.

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Knowing Your Distance – Part Two

Forget getting a GPS for your car. Get one for your golf game.

Bag DropLast week at the Bag Drop we showed you a few different options for finding out various distances on the golf course using a laser rangefinder.

This week we’re going to focus on a few of the GPS options available to golfers. I looked at a couple of GPS units during my rangefinder decision-making process, but decided to go with a laser in the end. I have no buyer’s remorse to this point, but did like a few of the options the GPS systems have to offer.

Let’s take a look.

Volume One Hundred Forty Two

Has anyone else seen the rest of the LPGA Tour?

Hittin' the Links Well, have you? Rumor has it the rest of the LPGA tour passed a hat around last week in order to collect enough money to pay Lorena Ochoa to finally take a week off. Just kidding of course, but one thing seems to be true: there’s Lorena then there’s everybody else.

That aside, welcome again to Hittin’ the Links, the best little column on the web with which you can quickly get caught up on all that’s golf. So, all you squanderers of company time sit back relax, and read on.

In this volume we start off taking a look at Tadd’s big day, put an end to a silly rumor, check in on the Cookie Lady of Hilton Head, and see what happens when prairie dogs invade your golf course. Also, we take a peek at Tiger’s watch, congratulate Darren Clarke on returning to the winner’s circle, and check in on the rest of the tours around the world.

Titleist Forged AP2 Irons Review

Titleist takes a bold step in a new direction with the AP2. Adam Scott has switched. Should you?

Titleist AP2 HeroThere have been few reviews as eagerly anticipated by Sand Trap forum members and readers as this one and our upcoming review of the Titleist AP1s. Our Bag Drop article announcing these clubs has well over 50 comments and my follow-up field test will likely reach 50 before this review is published. In the forum, people are being fitted for, buying, and asking questions about the AP2s and AP1s left and right. Titleist VP of Golf Clubs Chris McGinley feels that this is “the most technically advanced forging ever made” and adds that “demand for this iron is unprecedented in the forged category. Not since the Hogan edge has there been this much buzz and demand for a forged iron.”

Titleist, always at or near the top in the “player’s irons” category, has in 2008 simultaneously simplified its product lineup and broadened its target market. Though their ZB and ZM models are still available for those who like player’s cavity and musclebacks, the AP1 and AP2 are intended to cover pretty much everyone from the PGA Tour golfer to the “aspiring” golfer.

Early 2008 Ryder Cup Talk: United States

This week’s article breaks down the current status of the U.S. Ryder Cup team.

Thrash TalkThe 2008 Ryder Cup is still five months away, but it’s definitely sneaking up on golf fans. The United States hasn’t won The Ryder Cup since 1999, but the Americans will be looking to change that this year on home soil. They were embarassed four years ago on home soil, but there will probably be a lot of different golfers teeing it up this time around.

In a couple weeks, I’ll break down the current status of the European Ryder Cup team. This week, however, it’s the underdog United States side that gets the spotlight. I’ll start with the usual suspects that have almost guaranteed their spot on the team already, and then I’ll talk about some middle-of-the-pack guys, possible first-timers, and more. It’s still early, but that doesn’t mean we can’t start thinking about the greatest event in golf.

Golf Talk [Episode 085]

Kids, do not chew tobacco. Could there be a more disgusting habit? Really?

Golf Talk PodcastTiger Woods and John Daly have surgeries: one on his knee, the other on his stomach. Can you guess which is which? Plus, Lorena Ochoa and Boo Weekley win, both in different “again” situations, and more in this episode of Golf Talk.

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Knowing Your Distance – Part One

Knowing the distance to the flag is vitally important to help you score better in golf. In my case, so is knowing the distance to the nearest out-of-bounds.

Bag DropThe next two weeks here at the Bag Drop, I’m going to focus on devices that can help you determine distances on a golf course. While the vast majority of us aren’t good enough to know the difference between a 158 yard vs. 162 yard shot, it still is important knowing distances to hazards, greens, and pins.

This week I’m going to take a look at some laser rangefinders (next week we’ll focus on GPS units) that I checked into while attempting to determine what would work out the best for me. The nice thing is that there are more options coming out so hopefully you can find a rangefinder that will work out for you and your budget.

Let’s take a look at a few.

Volume One Hundred Forty One

Now that Tigers not playing maybe someone else can win.

Hittin' the LinksGood Day and welcome to Hittin’ the Links. We are again chock full of the best golf stories from around the web. So have a seat, get your clicking finger ready, and and join us for a tour whats out there for the discerning golf enthusiast.

In this edition of HTL we explore what’s wrong with Tiger’s knee, see why or why not golf should be in the Olympics, check in on the new Masters champion’s hectic schedule, and learn what’s the matter with Justin Rose. Also, we take a peek at what Portugal has to offer the traveling golfer, find out more about Autism Month, check on the week’s tour winners, and see what about Keith Nolan makes him a crowd favorite.

Z Factor Perfect Putting Machine Review

As seen on Fore Inventors Only, we take a look at the product that perhaps should have won.

Z FactorYou’ve probably seen Dean Thompson on The Golf Channel’s Fore Inventors Only. Or maybe you didn’t hear about him until we conducted an interview with him after the show was over. In the eyes of many, Dean’s Z Factor Perfect Putting Machine (hereafter called simply the “Z Factor”) should have won the competition, or at least finished higher than fifth place! After all, golfers from the PGA Tour to the local muni spend about 40% of their strokes on the putting greens, so a reasonably priced putting aid should be of interest to golfers of all levels.

Dean has spent years traveling the world, sharing the Z Factor with PGA, Nationwide, LPGA, and European Tour stars. Fore Inventors Only served as a coming out party of sorts. Now available for sale at for $299, I’ve taken an in-depth look at the Z Factor. Has it improved my putting? Is it worth three big ones? Read on to find out…