What’s to Like about Cold Weather Golf?

Swinging into winter.

Trap Five LogoWell, once again, November is breathing its chilly breath on all golfers in the northern latitudes. I’m not happy about it, but what can you do?

Now, those of you with true four-season golf weather will have trouble relating to this one. But for all my fellow northern golfers who have either already put up the clubs for the season or are contemplating doing so in the near future. To them, I say, don’t do it.

Yes, the best golf of 2008 is probably behind us, but we can still get out there and win a few bucks from our friends, or, at the very least, chase a few Canada Geese around the fairway. I say, if you can get out there without icing up, why not tee it up. Throw on a few, or several, layers. Start with a warm, thin mockneck and build from there.

Not convinced that cold weather golf can be fun? Here are five reasons to play golf all year long.

The Significance of Seve

Seve Ballesteros is in the self-described “fight of his life” against a malignant brain tumor.

Thrash TalkAs anyone remotely attuned to the goings on of the world of golf is surely aware, Seve Ballesteros is in the self-described “fight of his life” against a malignant brain tumor. The Spaniard has had multiple surgeries within the past few weeks. The most recent, a six and a half hour procedure, occurred Friday. As we collectively wait for relevant updates from the medical staff at La Paz hospital, where the golfer is presently in “stable but serious” condition, it seems fitting to both express the obvious — we hope and pray for Mr. Ballesteros’ speedy recovery — and to discuss the significance of the man from Pedrena, Spain who was such a dynamic figure in the world of golf from the late 1970s until the early 90s.

Golf Talk: 909 Driver Episode

We talk with Steve Pelisek and Stephanie Bezilla about Titleist’s new 909 Drivers: the DComp, D2, and D3.

Golf Talk PodcastThis week, a special edition of the Golf Talk Podcast as we talk with Steve Pelisek, General Manager, Titleist Golf Clubs and Stephanie Bezilla, Titleist Metalwoods Development Manager about the new 909 Drivers – the DComp, D2, and D3 – about to hit store shelves. Check out this exciting episode of Golf Talk.

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For this week’s Show Notes – links to articles we discuss in the show and additional information – just read on.

Notes From the Business Section

Bye, bye ADT Championship.

Bag DropThis was a quiet week for the equipment industry, but Bag Drop has a few equipment/business related headlines that I think are interesting to say the least.

So join me as we check out the purchase of Ashworth, the end of yet another LPGA sponsorship deal, and some free stuff you can get.

Volume One Hundred Sixty Six

Beckman escapes q-school, there’s a slam-dunk finish on the Nationwide Tour, and Seve’s surgery goes better than expected!

Hittin' the LinksHello again and welcome to Hittin’ the Links. I am coming to you a few hours late this week but still packed with golf goodies from around the world. Its been a busy week for golf, so let’s get ready to get caught up on that important golf news.

In this edition of HTL, we first check in on Erik Compton’s bid for a PGA Tour card, then head to Spain to see how Seve Ballesteros is doing after his recent surgery. After that, we catch up on our goofy news like Danny Lee’s near incarceration, and the Korean gentleman who injured his caddy, and finally make a full accounting of who won what tournament around the world. Read on!

The Five Best Words in Golf

Surprisingly, we can print them all.

Trap Five LogoFew sports, with the possible exception of cricket (“That was a wicked googly.”), have as colorful or specialized language as golf.

We have words that describe certain kinds of holes, like “redan,” which has become a general term to indicate a hole, usually a par three, with a right-to-left diagonal green that slopes away from the line of play and from right to left. The name comes from the original Redan at North Berwick Golf Links in Scotland, which in turn was dubbed with the French term for a V-shaped fortification that faces the expected angle of attack.

We have “pars,” “birdies,” “eagles,” and “albatrosses,” which are all good things. We have “chili-dips,” “chunks,” and “claggy” lies, which are all bad things. A claggy, by the way, is a wet, muddy lie that borders on casual water.

We have words that we hardly ever use any more. When you commit a “baff” you hit behind the ball and merely graze the ball, which hardly ever happens on today’s softer, more manicured courses. “Niblick” is an obsolete term for a nine-iron. “Pawky” is an old Scottish term used to describe cunning or tricky play.

And then there are all those four-letter terms that turn up so much during a round of golf. Frankly, they are a bit too common to be considered as the best words in golf, though they certainly have a place from time to time when the game gets extra frustrating.

My criteria for the best golf word is the aptness of its sound to its meaning, its originality to golf, and my own totally subjective bonus point system.

Interview With Charlotte Campbell of Highway 18

Charlotte Campbell of Highway 18 fame dishes on time penalties, college golf, and just what the heck is a Blingo.

Throwing DartsToday’s interview is with Charlotte Campbell, who with her brother Rob, were the winning team on The Golf Channel’s inaugural Highway 18 reality show.

Charlotte graciously gave us a few minutes to share some insight on the experience of being on Highway 18, her collegiate playing career, and explaining just what a Blingo is. We hope you enjoy the interview.

Cobra Releases L5V Driver and Transition-S Integrated Irons

David Feherty has a new driver to drool over.

Bag DropThe new equipment just keeps coming and this week’s focus is on the latest from Cobra Golf. Boasting a new blended wood/hybrid/iron set for those with “moderate swing speeds” as well as a hot, new multi-material driver with an interesting hosel design, the folks at Cobra Golf offer up a little something for everyone.

So join me as we take a look at the latest from Cobra Golf.

Volume One Hundred Sixty Five

The Fall Finish trudges on, Bernhard has a senior moment, and Furyk wins the 2008 Grand Slam of Golf without actually winning a major.

Hittin' the LinksGood day and welcome again to The Sand Trap‘s Hittin’ the Links. The season is winding down with just three events remaining on the PGA Tour and two on the Nationwide Tour, and you cannot help but feel the urgency in the air as those on the bubble try to jockey into position for next year. These are the real play-offs if you ask me.

In this fall edition of HTL we first send our condolences the Camilo Villegas and his family, then switch gears in order to check on Seve Ballesteros after his surgery for brain cancer. After that, we see who won the PGA of America’s Player of the Year award then do a complete wrap-up of all the American tours. Read on!