Sneak Peek at Sun Mountain’s Upcoming Micro E Cart

Some YouTube footage of Sun Mountain’s Micro E Cart.

We liked Sun Mountain’s Speed E Cart. We liked their Micro Cart too. So – and I’m going out on a limb here, I know – it stands to reason we might very well like this upcoming Micro E Cart when it comes to market.

Have a look:

PING G15 Driver Review

Ping prides itself as the most forgiving club in golf. Has the Ping G15 continued that tradition?

G15 Driver HeroAmong the giants of the golf industry, PING has always remained one of the quietest in the business. You never see commercials on TV. They only have a select number of pros which they endorse. They rarely even release new clubs. It seems like the word “hype” just isn’t a part of PING’s vocabulary.

But something felt different when PING announced it would release two entirely new lines of clubs. PING actually seemed excited. In fact, PING was going out of their way to tell anyone and everyone that would listen that its new clubs had monumental improvements. Even if you didn’t like PINGs in the past, you start to wonder, what did they come up with?

After putting the driver through a full battery of tests it has certainly made an impression on me.

Back in Black: Adams Releases New Idea Pro Black Hybrids and A7 Select Putters

Shoot to thrill with new putters and hybrids from Adams Golf.

Bag DropHave you had a look at any of Adams Golf’s equipment lately? If you haven’t, maybe it’s time you check them out and see what they’ve been bringing to the market. The #1 hybrid company on the PGA, Nationwide, and Champions Tour has been hard at work, designing some very attractive new equipment that will likely appeal to all types of players.

Adams Golf has recently released four new A7 Select putters, as well as brand new Idea Pro Black hybrids. Maybe you’re saying to yourself “hybrids just aren’t for me.” Maybe you also forgot about Turnberry this year, where some old guy named Tom Watson kicked the crap out of players half his age with his trusty Adams hybrids for the majority of the Open Championship. If that doesn’t make you at least consider giving them a try, fear not, because we’re also going to take a look at some affordable new putters that may suit your eye better. Kick back, relax, and put the TPS reports to the side, as we take a look at the new hybrids and putters from Adams.

Volume Two Hundred Eleven

The Nationwide season is over and there a 25 new graduates

Hittin' the LinksHappy Monday, duffers, and welcome again to Hittin’ the Links. The Nationwide Tour season is over and 25 of its members have earned their PGA Tour card for next year. The rest of the Nationwide Tour will now ready themselves for Q-school. Stay tuned.

In this volume of HTL we start off talking to Michael Jordan, then check out the 2009 Nationwide Tour graduating class, and find out why you should not think too much. Also on tap we listen to Sergio complain about his poor year, look back at Payne Stewart, and do a wrap-up of the week’s events. Read on!

Titleist Fall 2K9 Part Two: MB and CB Irons, Cameron California and Studio Putters

We’re back with part two of our sneak peek at what Titleist has coming for us in a few short weeks, including new MB and CB irons, as well as new releases from Scotty Cameron.

Bag DropJust as I promised last week, we bring you part two of our look at Titleist‘s soon-to-be-released clubs. If you missed last week’s installment of The Bag Drop, you might want to have a look at it, as we took a look at the updated AP irons and Bob Vokey’s newest conforming wedges.

If that left you hungry for more, or if you’re simply interested in the more classic irons that Titleist offers, look no further, as this week we give you the details on Titleist’s new-for-2010 MB and CB irons. As an added bonus for you putter aficionados, the new Scotty Cameron “California” family of putters also get the proper once-over.

Volume Two Hundred Ten

The Fall Finish continues, the Road Hole gets harder, and Annika is one busy retiree

Hittin' the LinksHello and good day everyone, and welcome again to Hittin’ the Links. Golf stories are beginning to become more and more scarce as many people have begun to put away the clubs for the season. But have no fear duffers, I will continue to peruse and deliver throughout the off-season.

For this volume, we start off with a look at the famous Road Hole, find out which are the best courses for business, and check in on what is in store for the Fall Finish. Also on tap we discover Annika’s busy retirement schedule, investigate a golf fight, and do a recap of the week’s events. Read on!

Stack and Tilt vs. Power Pivot: A Conversation

Read the debate between Stack and Tilt versus the “classic” golf swing, as discussed by T.M. O’Connell and Dave Wedzik.

Aaron BaddeleyA few years ago, two instructors made a large splash in the relatively small pond of golf instruction when they shared their thoughts on what was perceived by many to be a radical new way to swing the golf club.

Though Andy Plummer and Mike Bennett studied the moves of some of the greatest golfers in history, including Ben Hogan, Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus, and others, the The Stack and Tilt golf swing was rejected by virtually every known teacher as a fad. It was tarnished with “that’s a reverse pivot” and “you’ll hurt your back with that reverse C finish.” Mudslinging, golfers discovered, wasn’t just for politics anymore.

In the years since, the Stack and Tilt golf swing has gained a steady following on the PGA Tour. Some high-profile names “gave up” on the swing, but many more higher-profile players have joined the ranks as well. What’s more, the violent reaction a lot of “traditional” instructors have had to the Stack and Tilt move has subsided and allowed for some real study, and many instructors who take the time to understand the swing have come to see that it’s not as different as they once thought.

On October 15, 2009 we held a chat between Stack and Tilt instructor David Wedzik and The Sand Trap‘s own T.M. O’Connell, Swing Check columnist and author of “Golf’s Not Hard.” Dave Wedzik just opened the first Stack and Tilt certified academy. T.M. O’Connell is a proponent of what he calls the classic move with a “Power Pivot.”

The chat was a revealing one, and given the popularity of The Sand Trap‘s lone article on S&T from 2007, I suspect a lot of you out there may benefit from reading it.

Birdies on the PGA Tour

How well do you think the leaders in par-three birdies did this year? Par-five birdies?

The Numbers GameLet’s talk about everyone’s favorite topic: birdies, who makes them, and how much it helps your round. I remember the first time I shot under 40 for nine holes: I shot a 38 that included two birdies. Take away those and I don’t break 40 that day. Over a year before that, I birdied the 17th on my way to breaking 90 for the first time with an 87. A bogey instead would still have me breaking 90 that day, but the bird makes me sound clear and focused (the truth is that I had no idea where I stood on the 17th tee).

Most professionals aren’t concerned with looking cool, and if they’re worried about breaking 40 or 90, we probably aren’t seeing them in the winner’s circle on a regular basis. But they are concerned with birdies.

This week we take a look at birdies on the PGA Tour.

Rating the Commentators, 2009 Edition, Part Two

The much anticipated… ok, “sort-of looked forward to” second installment is here!

Thrash TalkLast week, I assessed the performance of the microphone holders from CBS. This week, NBC’s announcers are up for their single paragraph of scrutiny, or praise, as the case may be.

Before I proceed, I’d like to respond to what I anticipate will be the most prominent reader question: “If all these announcers/networks are so mediocre, what should they be doing differently to please you, you pompous doofus?” My answer is this: “You’ll have to wait for my next column!”

Without further ado, on to the ratings!