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April, 2010

2010 Masters Final Round Live Chat

Apr. 11, 2010     By     Comments (2)

We're going to try a live "chat" this time around rather than a live blog as we've done in the past. We'll have a few invited guests (primarily from the forum) who will join us, and you can pop in from time to time to add your commentary to the live feed.

The event kicks off with coverage at 2pm eastern time, so check back a bit before then.

Also, anyone who (in their first comment, prior to 2pm eastern time) predicts the winner and the final score will win a free license to Scorecard, an awesome statistics app that helps you analyze and improve your golf game. Post the final score (relative to par) and the winner's name. Your first entry's all that counts, and if you post multiple times, you're DQed.

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2010 Masters Staff Predictions

Apr. 7, 2010     By     Comments (6)

Thrash TalkOn a typical year, golf fans start counting down to the Masters months in advance. This year, the addition of Tiger Woods' return turns it into one of the most anticipated golf tournaments in the sport's history.

We've polled The Sand Trap staff to offer you their insights into all things Tiger, Augusta and ask who will be wearing the green jacket Sunday afternoon.

My Very Own Augusta

Apr. 2, 2010     By     Comments (7)

Thrash TalkThere are few places that get the blood flowing the way Augusta National can. The lush green landscape signals the long gray winter has given way to another golf season. Offering us a glimpse of the grounds that are so hard to reach in person should have been the sole reason someone decided we needed HDTV.

Augusta National is special for so many reasons, including the exclusiveness of the club. It will always be at an arm's length from the public, dangling just enough out there for us to always want so much more. It's a formula that extends well beyond Magnolia Lane. We've all got our own personal Augusta National, and so few of them are in Georgia.

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