Volume Three Hundred Two

Tiger fades, Q-School changes, and Bubba gets a new car

Hittin' the LinksGood day fellow golfers, and welcome to the latest edition of Hittin’ the Links. I have to say that I thought Tiger was going to pull it out in the desert. When I watched the first few rounds he just looked like he had that intensity back in his eyes. Anyway its not like he just completely fell apart, he did manage at least an even par final round.

In this volume of HtL we begin with a look at a very good 14 year old, then investigate a gentleman lacking in his parenting skills, and find out what Finchem has in store for Q-School. Also, we say welcome back to J.B. Holmes, check out Bubba’s new car, and do a wrap-up of the week’s events. Read on!

TRUE Linkswear 2012 Line

TRUE linkswear springs into 2012 with the addition of the new TRUE phx shoe along with updates the previously released stealth and TRUE tour.

Bag DropThough TRUE linkswear opened for business back in October of 2010 (with the launch of the TRUE tour, reviewed here), in their first year of operation, they’ve gone through tremendous growth and grown into a leader in golf’s minimalist movement, which even the bigger guys in the industry are starting to take part in. Though some may advertise a barefoot experience, the problem is that their shoes still come equipped with large-ish midsoles that elevate the player from the ground. TRUE however, can easily back that claim up by boasting the thinnest sole in golf, clocking in at a whopping 2.5mm, which as they say allows the player to truly “Feel the Course”.

Volume Three Hundred One

It’s the Tony and Tiger Show

Hittin' the LinksHello and good day golf fans and welcome back to another edition of Hittin’ the Links. Tiger has officially made it clear about his displeasure with former coach Hank Haney’s upcoming book. I can’t say I blame him if I was put in the same situation. It seems kind of creepy to me to tell all the man secrets when you were supposed to be a trusted member of his inner circle, but that’s just my opinion.

In this newest edition of HtL we begin with a look at Tiger’s irritation, then turn our attention to Mickelson’s vacation plans, and investigate some confusion at the World Golf Rankings. Also, we check out the team of Romo and Woods, find out who are the “hottest” golfers, and do a wrap-up of the weeks events. Read on!

Pipoe Review

Pipoe takes a different approach to the massive golf aid market. The Pipoe is a simple, convenient and affordable way to practice and build a foundation to the way you practice.

Pipoe StackSearch the Internet for “golf training aids” and you’ll find a variety of gadgets that attach to your body, your club, the ground, your golf bag, etc. You’ll find flimsy and bulky devices ranging in price from $5 to $500. These training aids usually only fulfill a couple purposes, whether it’s fixing swing plane, ingraining an effective putting stroke, or improving swing speed. Hopefully from this review we’ll see how the Pipoe differs by offering an affordable, multi purpose practice aid to golfers, that can be used for as long as you play the game.

Tiger Woods in 2012: What Now?

What does Tiger’s win at the Chevron World Challenge mean for the future?

Thrash TalkThere are two parts to me, the golf fan. The first part is the one that smirked when Zach Johnson’s putt was left the entire way on the last hole at Sherwood, the part of me that jumped out of my desk chair and pumped my fist when Tiger’s putt went in. That’s the part of me that live chatted 2011’s Masters, begging Tiger’s eagle put on the 15th at the Masters to go in. The part of me that watched the entire Monday playoff in the 2008 U.S. Open, watched his chip on 16th at the 2005 Masters roll and roll and roll… and then fall. That’s the part of me that hazily remembers the 1997 Masters. I call that part of me “Optimist.” Otherwise known as “Irrational.”

The other part, “Realist,” lives in a post-2009-Thanksgiving world. A world in which Tiger Woods destroyed himself. He’s not Ben Hogan and a bus didn’t nearly crush him late one night. He messed up. Post-2009 me, still a fan of Tiger’s on-course achievements, has felt stupid for two years for not moving on.

What am I supposed to do? Every time I think he’s done, he gives me the eighth hole at the Masters. Every time I think he’s back he gives me the PGA. Then he looks wholly average at the Frys.com, and event he could have dominated just two years ago. Now this. He wins an 18-man event, his own event, and I’m supposed to think he’s ready for 2012? He’s ready to challenge Nicklaus? He’s ready to tell Rory and Rickie “Eh, not yet guys?” I don’t think so.

Five Things I’m Thankful for from 2011

Let’s look forward to 2012 by looking back at the great things from 2011!

Trap Five LogoFellow golfers, it’s that time again. No, Lee Westwood hasn’t choked away another major; it’s the beginning of a new year. Time to hunker down under five feet of snow, wistfully stare at the golf clubs in your basement sitting on top of the treadmill collecting dust, and game plan for next year. You’re going to be a 10 handicap by June, and make it to the single-digit by August. That new driver you just got yourself for Christmas doesn’t look quite as nice, as you read the Golf Digest Equipment issue, but it’s a new year and you’re going to hit the ball longer than ever. A 48-inch driver shaft is all you’ve been missing. Accuracy be damned!

All kidding aside, this is supposed to be a happy time of year full of new beginnings and fresh starts, and I have plenty of things to be thankful for, in golf, in life, and this is as good a time as any to put them into writing. Join me in helping send off 2011, will you?

Volume Three Hundred

Kevin Na does his best snail impersonation, Finchem gets four more years, and Johnson Wagner really needs to shave!

Hittin' the LinksHello again Sand Trapper and welcome to the 300th edition of everyone’s favorite column Hittin’ the Links. Yep, 300 columns, seems like yesterday that I started writing this. Well here’s to another 300.

In this 300th edition we begin with a look at Tim Finchem’s contract extension, then turn our attention to Pat Perez, and check out some fearless predictions. Also on tap, we address slow play, investigate the many missing in Hawaii, and do a wrap-up of the week’s events. Read on!

Volume Two Hundred Ninety Nine

Elin’s out with the old, Hank Haney is coming out with Tiger’s tales, and Paul Casey is just plain out.

Hittin' the LinksHello again Sand Trap faithfuls and welcome to yet another Hittin the Links! It’s been two months since my last installment. Call it a needed hiatus, call it a mini leave of absence, either way I recharged my batteries, spent some quality time with the family, and now I am ready to go with all that is interesting in the golf world!

In this first 2012 edition of HtL we begin with a look at a certified golf nut, find out what Tiger’s ex-wife is up to, and investigate what is sidelining Paul Casey and Lucas Glover. Also on tap, we check out what Tim Finchem thinks about the Tour, peruse the upcoming book by Hank Haney, and see who will be sharing some broadcast booth time. Read on!

PING Introduces New i20 Lineup

PING rings in the new year by launching its latest product line, the i20 series.

Bag DropThough some players may be making resolutions to not buy new clubs this year, that looks to be much easier said than done, especially with the introduction of PING’s newest line, the i20. While we all know that there’s much more to a club than just a pretty exterior, the matte black finish of PING’s latest will surely compel more than a few to at least give them a swing.

I believe that if one were to ask around and get completely honest answers, appearance counts more than most like to let on; however when you combine a sharp, sleek exterior with aerodynamic refinements, strategic weighting, and supreme command and control, you’re more than likely going to have a winner on your hands. Let’s dig a little deeper and see what PING’s i20 line is all about.