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The Club Caddy: An Interview and a Short Review

May. 20, 2008     By     Comments (23)

Bag DropDavid Jones' Club Caddy won the first edition of Fore Inventors Only. Unfortunately, it's taken David until this month - nearly a full year later - to put in place his business and manufacturing partners and to begin selling the Club Caddy en masse to resellers and consumers.

Other folks from the show, like Gary Sherrell and Dean Thompson, have been interviewed by this site, and this time around we're going to talk with David about the troubles he's encountered. Following the interview, we'll share our thoughts on the Club Caddy.

Read on to see how the winner - and his product - have fared in the year since Fore Inventors Only concluded.

Velocity Wipes Review

Feb. 23, 2007     By     Comments (10)

Velocity Wipes HeroThere are a plethora of accessories available to make you golf life easier. Some meet expectations and some don't. Velocity Wipes are an item intended to make cleaning golf clubs easier.

Somebody was going to come up with a product like this sooner or later. Velocity Wipes fills a niche: an easy to use golf club cleaning product. While they can't do anything for bag chatter or dings, let's see if they do a good job of cleaning post-round grit and grime or if they're just a glorified wet-nap.

Basic Construction
Each wipe is approximately 9 x 13 inches unfolded. They come out of the dispenser folded once, just like a baby's diaper towelettes. The wipes look somewhat like a blue paper towel, but are made of a more fabric-like material and are much more durable than all but the strongest of paper towels.

QuickRange GPS Review

Nov. 17, 2006     By     Comments (2)

QuickRange GPS LogoWith the USGA decision to allow the use of distance measuring devices, the market for laser range finders and GPS units has grown considerably in the last year with companies coming out with various approaches to help golfers judge distance. Can a talking GPS unit be far behind?

Well, look no further as it has already arrived with the QuickRange GPS unit. The QuickRange GPS bills itself as "the simplest distance to green device available" and while that may be true in some areas, there are still some issues that hopefully will be resolved in future versions.

Bag Boy Navigator Electric Cart Review

Oct. 22, 2006     By     Comments (38)

Bag Boy Navigator HeroThe folks at Bag Boy make some of the most widely used golf carts in the world. Bag Boy led the move from the older pull-cart style to the more popular push cart nearly two decades ago, and golfers who prefer to walk without carrying have showed their gratitude ever since.

Widespread use of the push cart eventually led to the motorized push cart, and eventually someone thought of adding remote control capabilities to the electric cart. A lot of companies make electronic carts, and Bag Boy has jumped into the market with a cart they've named the "Navigator."

Having previously reviewed the remote-less electric cart from Sun Mountain, I was interested to see how much more I might enjoy golf with a remote-controlled mechanical caddy. At $1,499, I knew the Navigator had a lot to live up to!

Ogio Straight Jacket Travel Bag Review

Sep. 3, 2006     By     Comments (5)

Ogio Straight Jacket HeroThe tales of a golfer on the go's woes often begin with "airline baggage handlers" and ends with "broken clubs." It's a sad tale, yet one that needlessly plays itself out time and time again across the airports of the world. A golfer arrives, waits anxiously at the baggage claim, pulls his clubs off the track, and opens the zipper to his rain hood with trepidation. Have his favorite clubs survived or met an ugly fate?

The frequent golf traveler has no doubt invested in a golf travel bag. Travel bags fit over your standard bag - be it a cart or a stand bag - and offer additional storage and protection to your collection of sticks. Ogio, makers of some fine stand and carry bags, makes two travel bags: the Monster and the Straight Jacket.

I've spent some time recently lugging my clubs through airports in a Straight Jacket, and here's what I think.

Sun Mountain Speed E Cart Review

Aug. 11, 2006     By     Comments (114)

Sun Mountain Speed E Cart HeroWe've all seen them. The first time we see them, we usually do a double-take. "Is that cart going along all by itself?" we ask. Yes, yes it is. The cart is driving itself, the owner a few paces behind, strolling along the fairway without a care in the world (nor a bag over his shoulders).

At only 28 years of age, I must admit to having mixed feelings over electronic carts. I longed to have the freedom to walk without carrying a bag, yet I didn't know if I could tolerate the "old man" jokes I felt certain would accompany the use of an electronic cart.

After spending some time with a Sun Mountain Speed E Cart, I can assure you that I suffered no such jokes - only curiosity - and I found the pleasure of walking a golf course without the weight of a bag on my back all I thought it would be.

RadarGolf System Review

May. 26, 2006     By     Comments (12)

RadarGolf LogoPlay golf and you will quickly learn that a golf ball can and will find a place to hide from you. Play enough golf and you will spend a lot of time hunting down golf balls for yourself, your friends, and groups on neighboring holes.

Creating an easily findable golf ball is not the newest idea on the market. In fact, patents for similar "innovations" date back to 1925. However, we live in the 21st century, and the RadarGolf System is currently the leader.

I was able to spend some time with a RadarGolf system which promises to lower your scores and raise you enjoyment but the real question is, will you ever lose another golf ball again? Read on to find out…

Bionic Glove Review

Mar. 31, 2006     By     Comments (12)

Bionic GloveOK, so wearing the Bionic Glove won't make you Col. Steve Austin, The Six Million Dollar Man, but it can make those aching hands feel invincible. I live in Arizona where the heat is dry but intense and your hands sweat. A lot. All that sweat running down your arms, all that wiping of the brow, it leaves my hands wet and ruins gloves after a couple rounds. So I've learned to play without gloves for sake of not buying them by the dozen. However, I miss the extra grip that gloves provide and will use them in milder weather.

Enter the Bionic Glove, a glove designed not only to provide extra gripping power with plenty of comfort, but also provides some padding in certain places on the underside of the hand and finger area ostensibly to aid those with arthritis.

Trion:Z Ionic/Magnetic Bracelet Review

Mar. 17, 2006     By     Comments (61)

Trion:Z Ionic/Magnetic BraceletI thought I could use an "edge" when playing golf to maximize my performance on the course. I was running out of steam and a bit achy at the end of a round of golf. I figured that exercise alone just wasn't enhancing my performance in spite of the fact that all the tour pros insist that using weight training equipment and stretching would help me achieve that par score that is so evasive to me.

I started to look into magnetic bracelets. Hey, don't laugh! Magnetic jewelry has been used since ancient times to ease pain and improve circulation. I even saw celebrities like Johnny Bench and Ben Roethlisberger sporting them on their wrists endorsing their healing properties.

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