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Nike Lunar Control Shoe Review

Mar. 17, 2011     By     Comments (7)

Nike Lunar Control ShoesThough Nike's line of golf equipment has expanded over the years to include for the most part, anything you'd ever need, they continue to stay true to their footwear roots year after year by offering everything from the radical to sporty to premier/upper echelon. They've established a great practice of producing shoes for just about anyone, no matter what their looking for. This year marks the initial release of the Nike Lunar Control, a shoe that, in my opinion, could easily appeal to nearly everyone, young or old, traditional or modern, those seeking comfort over anything else, as well as those concerned with appearance above all. Though this is only the first year they've been available, after searching the Internet a bit, it seems that they've already gotten quite a fan base.

What makes them so great? Well, you'll have to follow along to find out.

Tifosi Sunglasses Review

Dec. 13, 2010     By     Comments (4)

Tifosi Sunglasses HeldSo, you purchased the latest high street brand golf bag, perfectly matching your brand new $800 irons. Of course you did, after all, you wouldn't want your clubs getting all damaged in some pencil bag. You purchased the latest driver from whomever, only setting you back another $400 or so, maybe more or you got it with a custom tour shaft that is suited perfectly to Tiger Woods, or your favorite golfer, but probably not you. It even came with a magnetic head cover, "state of the art" they say, and again, you don't want your latest investment getting damaged do you? I bet you even have a nice travel bag for those two trips a year you make to keep your clubs from getting knocked about on the plane.

TRUE Linkswear Tour Shoes Review

Nov. 8, 2010     By     Comments (24)

TRUE Linkswear HeroWe first mentioned the TRUE Linkswear shoes in our Bag Drop article. The first and only "TRUE" shoe - the "Tour" model - was introduced back in September and has been shipping since earlier last week.

I've had the opportunity to try out a pair of the Tour shoes (I'll likely slip and call it the TRUE several times throughout this review, but for now the terms are almost synonymous) for the past several weeks, and though I don't want to give away the ending, I will say this: Ryan Moore ain't a dummy for wearin' them.

LeviTee Golf Glove Review

Aug. 13, 2010     By     Comments (15)

leviteebackHow many times have you heard teaching pros say something to the effect of "grip the club like a bird: tight enough it won't fly away, but not so tight you crush it." Strangling the club is a common problem, and it leads to mechanical flaws, funky tempo and general stress on the hands and wrists.

A new glove on the market, the LeviTee Golf Glove aims to ease your grip with technology, rather than with cute analogies about wildlife.

Adidas Tour 360 4.0 and Tour 360 Sport Shoe Review

Aug. 12, 2010     By     Comments (12)

Tour 360 4.0 SportThe Adidas Tour 360 is entering its fifth year and fourth version and the Tour 360 Sport its third year and second version with the new "Tour 360 4.0" and "Tour 360 4.0 Sport" models. Though the styling has remained fairly similar due to the common technology of wrapping the Adidas-style triple bands around the undersole, the shoe has come a long way in five years and has claimed its spot among the leaders in the golf footwear arena.

I'm a long-time FootJoy guy - shoes with "FJ" on them have always fit me well - and I gave a pair of the 360 4.0's and the Sport models a try. Let's see how the shoes fared.

FootJoy MyJoy Ordering and Review

Aug. 29, 2009     By     Comments (2)

FootJoy MyJoysGolf shoes can be one of those accessories in which you either want to blend in or stand in out a crowd. For those who want to blend in (I am Exhibit A in that category), odds are you just find a shoe fits great and you pay little attention to the looks (okay, maybe a little just to make sure they don't look too crazy).

For those who like to stand out a bit more, FootJoy has you covered with their customization website and product line: MyJoys. I decided to try my hand at putting together some custom shoes and was interested to see how fun and painless the process was to order a pair. The easy way would have been to pick out a pair showcasing one of my favorite sports teams but that's too easy to rather I decided to start with a blank slate and go from there to see what my inner Picasso would turn out.

Tag along as we check out my order.

Crocs Ace Golf Shoe Review

Dec. 19, 2008     By     Comments (42)

CrocsI know what you are thinking: golf Crocs? When I was first introduced to the concept of a Croc golf shoe I had more than a few reservations. I have never been a big fan of Crocs. Sure, I saw more than a few people wearing them around town, and my daughter is a die-hard fan who refuses to wear anything else, but I was not sold. And, I certainly did not see them as a type of shoe that could be used for sports - especially not golf.

As it is with skeptics, I was given a pair and told to try them out. Skeptical as I was I took them out on the course and ran them through the drills to see if they really could hold up to what a regular golf shoe has to endure. The results may surprise you. They certainly surprised me.

Mizuno Skintite Golf Glove Review

Aug. 29, 2008     By     Comments (13)

Mizuno Skin-Tite GloveThe golf glove is often overlooked because of new drivers, irons, wedges, putters, etc. Understandably so. And while I dislike buying new golf gloves each year, it's a must for me. People have tried to get me to play with no glove in the past, but I've never been able to do so. Whether it's a mental thing or just the Oklahoma humidity, I have to wear a golf glove until I'm chipping or putting.

A few years back, I reviewed the 3M Greptile Premium golf glove. At the time, it was the best glove I had ever worn, but I haven't had one in more than a year. I switched to FootJoy gloves, but even they left me wanting a bit more. I've been playing a lot more golf this year than in the past, and the Footjoy gloves don't last more than a few rounds in the Oklahoma heat without losing their grip.

When I had the chance to review the Mizuno Skintite glove, I jumped on the opportunity. Is it good enough to replace my beloved 3M Greptile, or will I have to keep looking? Keep reading to get my full impressions.

Kaenon Sunglasses Review

Sep. 21, 2007     By     Comments (9)

Kaenon SunglassesAs a contact wearer and avid golfer, I've been in need of a good pair of sunglasses for a while now. It isn't much fun squinting and fighting dry eyes during a round of golf in the sun.

Kaenon Polarized is a company that manufactures sunglasses for a variety of sports, ranging from kite boarding to climbing to golf. Competing against giants like Oakley and smaller but somewhat entrenched companies like Tifosi, Kaenon has their work cut out for them. Can their products compare or even surpass the others? Read on to find out.

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