3M Greptile Premium Golf Glove Review

3M makes golf apparel? You bet, and it’s not too bad either.

3M Golf LogoMost golfers I know love to shop around for new golf equipment. It’s like Christmas morning any time of year! We all love to test out the latest drivers, irons, wedges, and putters. But if there’s one golf item I hate buying, it’s gloves. I am very hard on golf gloves and go through several every year. I live in Oklahoma, where the humidity at times is overwhelming, and humidity and golf gloves definitely don’t get along. I rediscover this fact every year.

New Adidas Tour 360 and FootJoy GF:II Shoes Coming Soon

Your feet just got a whole lot techier – the Adidas Tour 360 and the FootJoy GF:II are about to hit the streets.

Adidas Tour 360Your feet are about to look a whole lot fancier on the golf course as industry leader FootJoy and TaylorMade-owned Adidas release new shoes geared towards merging fashion with function and form with flair.

The Adidas shoe – the Tour 360 – recently won the prestigious ispovision Global SportStyle Award for men’s footwear. The most unique feature of this shoe? The lack of a sole under the arch of the foot. It’s got a heel and plenty of spikes under the ball of your foot, the famous three-line Adidas acts as a support system. To quote Adidas:

Adidas ClimaCool Polo and Shoes

Adidas has released some nice performance enhancing apparel and footwear that blends comfort and style. See what we think about one of their polos and a pair of shoes.

Adidas Golf LogoGolfers used to be made fun of for their clothing – and with reason! Suffice to say Duffy Waldorf and Woody Austin would have fit in quite nicely 15 to 25 years ago.

The modern golfer is a bit more stylish, however, and a recent push within the clothing industry has focused the energies of golf apparel designers on a new target: performance. What began with Under Armour and Nike Dri-Fit has come to nearly every golf clothing line from Callaway to Izod to Adidas. Performance clothing wicks away sweat while you’re working out (and more). As a geek and a clothes horse (is that possible?), I’ve always been fascinated with this stuff and have found myself buying multiple pairs of moisture-wicking underpants. The only problem with most of this stuff is when you wore it you felt like screaming “I must protect this house” à la Under Armour every time you enter a room.

Initial Impressions of Adidas Tour Metal

The Adidas Tour Metal – a sexy shoe that causes some rather un-sexy side effects? Our first look…

Adidas Tour MetalI’ve been waiting for some time for the Adidas Tour Metals to arrive. When the UPS guy finally dropped them by on Friday, I headed straight for the course.

The shoes are sexy, and I’m not one to throw that word around lightly. They’re stylish, they’re modern, and they’re dressy all at the same time. The rich mahogany tone (also available in black or white) coordinates well with darker browns.

The shoe, unfortunately, is a bit more style over substance than I care for in a golf shoe. The Tour Metal no padding on the tongue, typical short and thin laces, and blistered my heel by about the tenth hole. The leather is supple, flexible, and waterproof, so I’m going to give the shoes a little more time before passing judgment, but a bit more padding and bigger laces wouldn’t have hurt. Instead, the blisters did.

Expect a full review in the next two weeks.

Adidas Launches Tour Metal

Expect TaylorMade staff players to be sporting some new shoes in the next few weeks on Tour: the “Tour Metal” is here.

Adidas today announced the addition and expansion of their shoe line with the “Tour Metal.” Sergio Garcia, among others, has been seen in the new shoes lately, and hopes to walk in them towards his first major this weekend.

The Tour Metal combines a classic, full-grain leather upper with chrome and brushed stripes. It combines Adidas’ z-traction tread with the dual-density lugs for good traction, is completely waterproof, and utilizes the FastTwist™ spike system for quick change outs.

Adidas Tour Metal

Available in white, black, and mahogany, the Tour Metal meets Adidas’ other shoes: the Seeker, Balance Tour, Balance Nitro, and Balance Mod to fill out the 2005 lineup.

Thrifty Style

Learn how to save money on your wardrobe so you can spend more on your equipment.

thrift_store.jpgI’ve always had the philosophy that even if you play badly on the course, you still need to look good. Many famous golfers can be identified by the way they “dress the part.” There was Payne Stewart and his knickers, Gary Player’s black shirts, Jasper Parnevik’s hat and, of course, Tiger Woods and his Sunday red shirt. The cost of dressing the part can be expensive. Seeing as I’m not a wealthy man (yet! I’m banking on The Sand Trap becoming an international success!), I began to look for ways to stretch my money further. I headed to thrift stores to see what I could find.

Signboy 2K5

Signboy is back with FootJoy, and he’s up to his usual pranks again. Provide some feedback and enter to win prizes!

SignboyMatt Grieser has made a career of playing FootJoy’s wacky “Signboy,” a chubby, talkative standard bearer who somehow manages to irk and annoy the world’s best players with tremendous ease. Signboy’s marketing appeal and schtick has elevated FootJoy commercials above others. I mean, c’mon: when’s the last time anyone talked about a golf shoe commercial?

Signboy is ready for 2005. Visitors to footjoy.com/signboy can check out Signboy’s 2K5 commercials, provide feedback, and enter to win “sweet” FootJoy products.

“In a minute, bro” gets me every time. What’s your favorite Signboy commercial?

Bite Golf Shoes

Bite invented the golf sandal, but that’s not all they’ve got to offer. We check out a few of their shoes and highly recommend at least one of them.

Bite ShoesFootJoy. Adidas. Ecco. Even Nike and Dexter. These are the names you think of when you think “golf shoes.” Bite? “Oh, they make those sandals, right?”

Not quite true. Though Bite is often credited as having invented the golf sandal, they’ve grown a bit since then. Bite now makes quite a few golf shoes. I recently had the opportunity to test two pairs on a golf trip to North Carolina. Here are my thoughts.

Nike Dri-Fit Socks

Eighteen holes of golf equates to about 4½ miles, make sure your feet are comfortable.

nike_dri_fit_socks.jpgMost golfers don’t give their feet much thought. While many golfers buy expensive shoes, they often just throw on an old pair of socks and neglect the impact socks can have on comfort.

I’ve tried several different types of socks, and I always felt like I’ve had to sacrifice either cushioning or comfort with any brand I’ve tried. Some have been great at cushioning my feet, but they were too hot to get through a full round in leather golf shoes. Thinner socks kept my feet dry, but weren’t as comfortable over the long haul. On a recommendation from a friend, I tried out Nike’s Dri-FIT socks and I realized I can have the best of both worlds.