Bag Boy and Sun Mountain Introduce New Bags For All Occasions

Bag Boy introduces a new cart bag and travel cover while Sun Mountain’s featherweight champion gets a belt.

Bag DropNo new clubs to report this week, but we do have a few new carrying options to keep your stuff secure whether you’re walking, riding, or even flying. While a nice bag won’t directly improve your game, it can have an effect on how other aspects of your round go. For example, if you frequently walk, a lightweight bag can simply reduce the level of fatigue you feel. One with strategically placed pockets can improve your pace of play simply due to the additional level of organization it provides.

So this week we take a look at a couple of new bags to use on the course, and one that’s used off of it. The first two come courtesy of Bag Boy, makers of favorites such as the Revolver, and the third from Sun Mountain, whose Four 5 and others have been some of the most popular bags made. Lets have a look.

Bag Boy XLT-15 Cart Bag
Bag chatter can be a bit of an annoyance from time to time, but aside from the annoying noise, over time if you’re not careful, that chatter can result in small scratches on your clubs. The new Bag Boy XLT-15 and it’s innovative Clip-Lok system works to solve that problem. It works by locking clubs in place thus eliminating the unnecessary noise/bag chatter you normally hear every time you hit a bump with the cart. Not only that, you’ll never have to worry that your precious irons are taking a beating as the 15 individual clip-locks integrated into the 11-way divider hold on to the shafts, keeping them perfectly in place until the club is needed. Operation is simple, just snap the shaft into the Clip-Lok, and you

Bag Boy XLT-15 Cart Bag

When we started field testing the XLT-15, we received overwhelming positive feedback from golfers on the 11-way organizer top with the integrated Clip-Lok system. Golfers really liked the combination of the full length dividers to separate the clubs and the Clip Lok system to keep them safely in place. The XLT-15 is also a great bag to travel with because the clubs stay locked when transporting them.

Craig Ramsbottom, President, Dynamic Brands

The Clip-Loks aren’t the only items of note on the new XLT-15 bag. The body or shell of the bag is composed of 420D nylon so that your clubs are protected from the rain and other elements. The dividers in the 10-inch organizer top stretch the full length of the bag. The external putter well also makes use of the Clip-Lok system so that the new expensive flat stick you bought stays secure. Around the outside of the bag resides 8 pockets of various sizes including a fleece-lined valuables pocket and an insulated cooler pocket. An oversized front ball pocket ensures that you wont hold up your group because you’re digging in the bottom of your bag, trying to find a new ball. The external tee holders also make it convenient to keep your tees easily within reach. The hidden umbrella sleeve will be useful in keeping your umbrella stored out of the way, but easily accessible when the rain comes. The standard scorecard holder and pencil sleeve as well as a rain hood. All of this comes in a package that tips the scales at only 7 lbs.

The Bag Boy XLT-15 cart bag comes with a one year warranty and is available in seven different color combinations, including: red/black, yellow/black, lime green/black, navy/silver, all black, pink/charcoal/white, and aqua blue/silver/white. MSRP has been set at $159.95.

Bag Boy T-700 Travel Cover
This is one area where I can definitely speak from experience. I dont want to delve into stuff that borderlines on review, but I’ll say that a travel cover is useless if it’s junk from the get go. If you travel a lot with your clubs in tow, you know how important a quality travel cover can be. Luckily a company with a reputation like that of Bag Boy comes out with covers such as their new T-700 that are almost guaranteed to meet one’s needs. The new T-700 is made of weather- and tear-resistant 600D polyester. The top is made of 1.6 inch thick high density EPE foam and impact resistant PVC. This combination of materials provides maximum protection for your clubs while they’re potentially getting thrown around by baggage handlers who could care less about what’s inside. You get the added security of knowing your golf bag doesn’t just move around inside this travel cover as a compression strap on the inside is used to secure your bag while being transported. A full length wrap-around zipper (which is lockable) makes packing and unpacking simple as well. Picking the bag up is made easy by the neoprene handle.

Bag Boy T-700 Travel Cover

Our R&D team is always testing new materials to ensure that we are providing golfers with the maximum protection for their clubs while traveling. The test results of the T-700 with its new padded top showed superior durability and protection when compared to similar travel covers in its category. We are confident that golfers will be pleased with the performance and convenience of the T-700.

Craig Ramsbottom

The T-700 is good for carrying more than just your clubs as well with an oversized shoe pocket and garment pocket. Roller wheels on the bottom allow for easy movement no matter what. On the back of the cover you’ll find skid bars with a skid resistant PVC base. The T-700 can fit up to a 48-inch driver and up to 10-inch cart bag. Three colorways are available including black/royal/charcoal, black/charcoal, and black/red/charcoal. The Bag Boy T-700 has a one year warranty and a MSRP set at $79.99.

Sun Mountain Swift ZG
What do you get when you take the hip belt from Sun Mountain’s popular Zero-G golf bag and add it to the lightest golf bag they make, the Swift X? The answer is their new Swift ZG bag. This new bag is carried the same as one would carry a traditional two strap bag, but also has a functional hip belt that works to take the stress off of the players’ shoulders. By transferring the majority of the weight off of the shoulders, the player is able to maintain a more natural, upright posture, keeping the upper body fresh and free of the fatigue associated with the upper body supporting the weight of the bag.

Sun Mountain Swift XG Carry Bag

According to Sun Mountain, transferring the burden of the weight of the bag from the upper body to the lower body disperses that weight to more points on the body, leaving the player to walk free with the bag on their back.

The actual bag itself has an 8.5″ top with a two-way divider that allows for a full set of 14 clubs plus five additional pockets including a full-length clothing pocket, a velour lined valuables pocket, a water pouch, and a ball pocket.

Other features of the Swift ZG bag that are common to others in the Swift line include an integrated lift handle, a top-molded stand attachment (which increases stability and durability), and Sun Mountain’s patented Roller Bottom leg mechanism.

We have had other strap systems that transfer weight from the shoulders to the waist. The advantage of the hip belt on the Swift ZG is that it’s one size fits all.

Ed Kowachek, President, Sun Mountain

In addition to the new hip belt, the bag incorporates Sun Mountain’s X-Strap dual strap system. Mens, women’s, and junior models are available in a number of colorways. Expect to pay around $180 for this newest lightweight stand bag from Sun Mountain.

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  1. I do have that Bag Boy XLT-15 Cart Bag for the past 3 years now and it is perfect…. way better than the revolver type I had, first the first rovolver had round hole were small and had no room for the ball retriver, the second revolver had triangular holes way…. better but I gave it to my lady and now I do have my XLT-15, The only thing I would like on is a second place for the putter on the right side for when you ride as a partner on the cart. By the way I do play 60 games a year and my XLT still look like new…. very good quality, I recommand this bag.

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