New Putters from Odyssey

The new Odyssey Works line of putter combines some of the company’s most popular technologies and offers a number of different options.

Bag DropGolf is a game of technology. Players are constantly looking to gain an edge by making sure that the clubs that they put in their bag give them an extra couple of yards, keep them in the fairways (or closer too them), and put them on the green. If there is one company that has tried to bring as much technology as possible to the putter, that company would have to be Odyssey golf. While the PING Anser and its subsequent clones and variations still represent the most popular style of putter, no company has been as innovative with their various designs as Odyssey. Between the different inserts, head shapes, and alignment aids, Callaway’s putter division believes that they will have something that works for you.

Odyssey Works #7

The company’s newest line is the freshly released Odyssey Works. Some might think that having the #1 insert on tour might be good enough, but that’s not the case for Odyssey. The White Hot insert, which first made its first appearance about fifteen years ago continues to be extremely popular, especially for players looking for a softer feel off the putter. Even though the company has toyed with different inserts and even released the occasional putter without one, putters with the White Hot insert have been Odyssey’s bread and butter. With the release of the new Odyssey Works line, they believe that they have something even better, the Fusion RX insert.

The Fusion RX insert takes the latest version of the White Hot insert and melds it with an ultra thin stainless steel mesh first seen on the Metal-X line of putters. The Metal-X putters were created working with Phil Mickelson and they were touted for the ability to get the ball rolling quickly. With the creation of the Fusion RX insert, the company now has an insert that gives the White Hot feel that so many love with the added benefit of getting the ball rolling quicker.

Odyssey Works 2-Ball Fang

The melding of product lines to create the Odyssey Works putters doesn’t stop there though. The putters also continue the use of the companies Versa alignment system, which feature the use of contrasting stripes to help the golfer aim the ball. However, with the Works line, the contrast isn’t as stark as with the original Versa line, with the bright white being replaced with silver.

However, for the putter to work for you, there must be a head shape that suits your eye, and there are plenty to choose from in new line up. For the more traditional, head shapes available include the #1, #1 Wide, #9, and Rossie. To go along with those choices are the V-Line, #7, and a new version of the ever-popular 2-Ball, the 2-Ball Fang. The options don’t stop with the head shapes though. Over the past couple years, the benefits of having a putter that is counterbalanced have been realized by many; the #1 Wide, #7, Rossie, and 2-Ball Fang are all available in “Tank” models. The #1 Wide is also available in an Arm Lock Model.

Odyssey Works Lineup

With the array of options available, finding the right one may take a bit of testing; however there is bound to be one that works for just about anybody. The price on the putters vary and range from $180 for the standard #1 model to $220 for the 2-Ball Tank version.

2 thoughts on “New Putters from Odyssey”

  1. Karsten Solheim is the father of the modern putter, and I agree with the article, “While the PING Anser and its subsequent clones and variations still represent the most popular style of putter, no company has been as innovative with their various designs as Odyssey.”

    Dave Pelz states that “the conversion percentage for all golfers drops off rapidly as putt length increases from 2 feet to 10 feet.” This is the real crux of the matter, and is also the Holy Grail for most golfers. We want that magic putter that helps us drain, on a regular basis, putts from ten feet and less, and, at the same time, eliminates the dreaded three-putt. It is also the reason we see so many designs on the market, because golf companies know that if they find a better product, “if they build it, golfers will come.”

    I am still looking for that putter of my dreams. In the last 50+ years I have tried more than 25 putters and have settled on 4 that I rotate in my bag, based on performance. Two are Pings and two are Odyssey. (Ping B60 and Anser 2, as well as Odyssey White Steel 2-Ball and White Hot XG #9.)

    I love the classic lines and steadiness of the perimeter-weighted Ping’s. I also appreciate the innovation and reliability of the Odyssey’s. I’m like the jockey that rides a winner into the ground. As long as the putter that I am using makes an appreciable number of 3-10 foot putts, as well as not allowing the three-putt, it stays in my bag. One it falters I put a different putter into play.

    My quest for that never-failing putter will continue until I can no longer play the game. This is why I play golf. It is the journey, not the destination.

    I love this game. 🙂

  2. I have a customized Scotty to honour my mother but although I change clubs often each season I don’t change my Putter.

    Until now… I drained putt after putt on practice green with the new odyssey works 2-ball fang Putter. My girlfriend convinced me it was too good to ignore.

    I’ll play my mom’s honorary Putter each season but I have always found a mallet better & yet didn’t play one over my Newport.

    I know it’s just an inside green but switching out & back to the new works got the same consistent roll, forgiveness etc. Drained 15-20 foot putts in a row. Can’t wait for this season. Great crisp feel & such great roll. End over end not wobbly in the least.

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