Sunice, Zero Restriction, and Tifosi Introduce New Apparel Just In Time For Summer Months

Protect yourself from the harsh summer weather with these new products from Sunice, Zero Restriction, and Tifosi.

Bag DropSummer is in full swing, and this week at Bag Drop, we have a few various items that really fit the season well, whether it’s blazing hot with the sun shining in your eyes, or whether a few storm clouds have rolled in.

It’s just as important (if not more important) to protect your eyes as it is to protect your body from the elements in the extreme conditions the summer heat brings. So with that in mind, this week’s Bag Drop features some new rain gear from Sunice, new polos from Zero Restriction, and new models of sunglasses from Tifosi Optics. Lets get started!

2011 Sunice Typhoon Collection
Sunice has updated their Typhoon category to include their latest performance fabric, Zephal. Zephal is proprietary lightweight, quieter performing fabric that is fully waterproof, yet breathable, and in it’s use will proudly display the bright colors and plaids common to all items in the Typhoon collection. There’s a lot more to the Sunice Typhoon collection other than style however: their apparel combines style with a number of golf-specific features including ergonomic action cuffs, an in-pocket ball cleaner, lock-down zipper pullers, Pro-Trim cinching system, and much more. Flexibility is maintained during use thanks to strategically placed stretch inserts.

Sunice Typhoon Collection with Zephal

As Sunice continues its search for the most technical, performance driven fabrics for golf, we are confident that the Zephal™ collection will continue to grow as it’s supple hand feel and light weight are so perfectly suited to the sport,” said . “This category makes fashion and function very affordable in a fully waterproof and breathable suit. It’s tough to beat on price, performance and looks.

Heidi Rowsell, Marketing Manager, Sunice

The new outerwear featuring the Zephal fabric will come in a wide variety of colors, including Platinum, Real Red, Midnight, Royal, and Black in the mens’ line, and Lapis, Rose Dust, Cool Blue, and Black for women. Also expect to see a number of plaids available as well. Along with the purchase comes the satisfaction and assurance of a three year waterproof guarantee.

Zero Restriction ZR-290x
Though Zero Restriction probably brings to mind performance outerwear, they also produce quality apparel including shorts and golf polos built to the same exacting standards as their rain gear. The latest addition to that clothing line is the ZR-290x performance enhancing shirts. ZR 290x is actually an encompassing technology that was designed to help your performance by promoting flexibility, circulation, balance, and recovery, while the hydrophobic yarns work to keep you cool, dry, and comfortable.

Zero Restriction ZR-290x Performance Polos

The fabric used in the Eagle and Match-Play polos wick perspiration from the skin and dries very quickly. These new shirts also resist UV penetration, protecting you from the sun’s harmful rays. Rubberized tactile buttons make buttoning/unbuttoning easy, as they wont slip in your fingers like regular plastic buttons. To top it all off, the fabric has a Bio-power finish that, according to Zero Restriction, increases flexibility, balance, and endurance.

ZR-290x™ technology harnesses specific formulations of bio-energy and infuses them into the fabric of the garment, dramatically enhancing the shirt’s bioactivity. ZR-290x™ technology is directed toward maintaining and sustaining the core energy your body requires to perform at the highest level.

Creative Director of Zero Restriction, Billy Draddy

Zero Restriction ZR-290x Performance Polos

While there’s no doubt that Zero Restriction makes loads of high quality products, I’ll let you be the judge of the claims found on the ZR-290x product page. Of course we’ve heard of clubs claiming to produce greater clubhead speeds via different methods, but apparently those claims now stretch into the apparel market. That’s all well and good, because surely we all know one or two guys doing anything and everything possible to be a little longer. Maybe this is the golf apparel version of Viagra? I’ll let you be the judge! 😉

At Zero Restriction, we continue to create innovative products that provide our players with a competitive advantage. ZR-290x takes this to the next level. We’re anxiously anticipating the launch of our ZR-290x tech wear collection and expect to see a positive reaction in the market.

President of Zero Restriction, Andy Bell

Tifosi Slope
Tifosi Optics, makers of high performance sunglasses, have announced their latest eyewear, the Slope. Tifosi has been producing quality sunglasses for golfers for a number of years, with a couple of the models actually having been reviewed here (and here), and have been nothing short of excellent.

Tifosi Slope

The Slope employs an open lens frame design that’s lightweight, functional, and stylish. The frames are made of a low density, flexible, nearly indestructible material known as Grilamid TR-90. Of course, as a pair of sunglasses created for an active lifestyle should be, the Grilamid material is also resistant chemical and UV damage, making it an ideal material for high quality sunglasses.

Tifosi Slope

The vents in the lenses help to prevent fogging and increase airflow, while the temple arms and adjustable nose piece eliminates slipping by gripping the head, regardless of how sweaty you are. They’re able to stay in place thanks to the use of hydrophilic rubber, which makes up the previously mentioned nose piece and temple arms.

Of course when buying a quality pair of sunglasses, the most important factor should be whether or not they actually protect your eyes. No need to worry here, as all lenses provide 100% UVA/UVB protection. Yes, you read that correctly – lenses. as in plural. That’s right, the player has the choice of a wide variety of lens technologies as well as polarization options. The latest addition to their lens tech is Fototec, which is described as a photochromic lens technology that automatically adjusts depending on the lighting conditions. Fototec offers one lens intended for all day use, regardless of whether clouds roll in, or the sun comes out at it’s brightest.

The standard Slope runs right around $60 with the standard golf lens included, while the Fototec lens brings it up to $69.95, and the polarized models ringing up at $89.95. Tifosi sunglasses canbe found at a number of retailers around the world. For a full list, click here.

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