Volume One Hundred Seventy Three

The 2009 PGA Tour season is underway!

Hittin' the LinksHello again and Happy New Year from The Sand Trap and Hittin the Links. We are back again bringing bringing you the best in golf in 2009. Well, golf fans, the 2009 PGA Tour season has officially started. Mind you most of us amateurs are still shoveling snow and practicing our putting on the living room carpet, but at least we now have something to watch.

In this newest edition of HTL we first explore what’s new in the John Daly soap opera, or at least why we Americans won’t have to deal with him for awhile, check out the college ranks, and then see what’s next for Vijay. Also we see when Seve plans to return, look at Davis Love III’s new world with a lifetime exemption, and find out what went down at the Mercedes Championship. Read on!

Volume One Hundred Seventy Two

Pavin’s the man in 2010, Stevie doesn’t think much of Phil, and Annika has her final farewell (we think)

Hittin' the LinksThe snow is falling and that does not lend itself to thoughts of golf, but still Hittin’ the Links stays vigilant scouring the net for golf stories happening in places more weather friendly. The sun is shining somewhere.

In this frigid edition of HTL, we look at Annika’s most recent farewell, check into Corey Pavin’s appointment as Ryder Cup captain, and see what Steve Williams thinks about Phil. Also for your viewing pleasure we investigate the latest Daly faux pas, check out the top 100 players to watch, and do a complete wrap-up of this weeks tournament winners. Read on!

Volume One Hundred Seventy One

Unlike the weather, Q-School is heating up!

Hittin' the LinksDuring a time when many people’s thoughts are turning to sports like hockey and basketball, Hittin’ the Links is still on the job churning out links for the die hard golf fan.

In this cold weather edition of HTL we take a look at Harrison Frazar’s 59 at Q-school, investigate the rumors of an Azinger repeat in 2010, and find out what’s wrong with The Skins Game. Also, we catch some waves with Adam Scott, see why Mark Brooks doesn’t like new ball technology, and do a full wrap-up of how Q-school is going. Read on!

Volume One Hundred Seventy

Annika retires two days earlier than expected

Hittin' the LinksThe weather in many places is turning inhospitable, the PGA Tour season is officially over, and many people are beginning to turn their attention to the upcoming College bowl season, but never-the-less Hittin’ the Links is still on the job finding what remains out there for the true golf fan. So read on golf nuts, there’s still actually quite a bit going on in the world of golf.

In this volume of HTL we first look at Annika’s farewell which came a couple of days too early, find out why they still drug tested her, and check out the phenom 14 year-old. Also, we check in on Daly in China, see how Seve is doing, and investigate yet another story that demonstrates why golf is such a honorable sport.

Volume One Hundred Sixty Nine

Alright, who stole Poulter’s driver?

Hittin' the LinksIs it Monday again already? Well then it must be time for yet another edition of Hittin’ the Links. So join us, oh golf junkies and squanderers of company time, as we peruse what’s up in the world of golf.

In this edition of HTL we investigate what happened to Ian Poulter’s driver, take a look a John Daly’s new line of wines, and take note of the 2009 PGA Tour schedule. Also, we see why Mickelson has decided to stay stateside, find out why it will soon be easier to go from the Nationwide Tour to the PGA Tour, and check out the toughest courses on the PGA Tour. Read on!

Volume One Hundred Sixty Eight

The season is over, Davis Love III gets his lifetime exemption, and some guys are headed back to Q-school

Hittin' the LinksGood day fellow golfers and welcome again to Hittin’ the Links. This is a special HTL this week as it marks my one year anniversary as the author. Hopefully, everyone has enjoyed reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing it. But enough reminiscing, on with the column.

In this week’s volume, we see what changes have been made for next year’s Masters, investigate who still hasn’t received their Masters invitation, and find out why Anthony Kim got to go home early from Shanghai. Also, we take a look at our President Elect’s golf game, find out how Nationwide Tour Champion Matt Bettencourt spent Wednesday night, and congratulate Davis Love III for his 20th PGA Tour win. Read on!

Volume One Hundred Sixty Seven

Callaway’s bringin’ sexy back, Daly’s spending time in the slammer, and Anthony’s going to be spending more time overseas.

Hittin' the LinksHello again golf nuts, and welcome to another fact filled edition of Hittin’the Links. The end of the golf season draws closer by the day, but there’s still lots of excitement out there in the golf world. So sit back, turn your monitors so the boss cannot see what your doing, and follow along as we take a tour of the goings on around golf.

In this most recent edition of HTL, we first check in on the players who have recently signed on in Europe, investigate John Daly’s latest brush with stupidity, and see what some Tour caddies will doing this silly season. Also, we find out how Ely is bringin’ sexy back, see who won the Order of Merit, and do a full wrapup of this weeks tour winners. Read on!

Volume One Hundred Sixty Six

Beckman escapes q-school, there’s a slam-dunk finish on the Nationwide Tour, and Seve’s surgery goes better than expected!

Hittin' the LinksHello again and welcome to Hittin’ the Links. I am coming to you a few hours late this week but still packed with golf goodies from around the world. Its been a busy week for golf, so let’s get ready to get caught up on that important golf news.

In this edition of HTL, we first check in on Erik Compton’s bid for a PGA Tour card, then head to Spain to see how Seve Ballesteros is doing after his recent surgery. After that, we catch up on our goofy news like Danny Lee’s near incarceration, and the Korean gentleman who injured his caddy, and finally make a full accounting of who won what tournament around the world. Read on!

Volume One Hundred Sixty Five

The Fall Finish trudges on, Bernhard has a senior moment, and Furyk wins the 2008 Grand Slam of Golf without actually winning a major.

Hittin' the LinksGood day and welcome again to The Sand Trap‘s Hittin’ the Links. The season is winding down with just three events remaining on the PGA Tour and two on the Nationwide Tour, and you cannot help but feel the urgency in the air as those on the bubble try to jockey into position for next year. These are the real play-offs if you ask me.

In this fall edition of HTL we first send our condolences the Camilo Villegas and his family, then switch gears in order to check on Seve Ballesteros after his surgery for brain cancer. After that, we see who won the PGA of America’s Player of the Year award then do a complete wrap-up of all the American tours. Read on!