Ten Questions for 2011 #2: Will Lee Westwood Win His First Major?

Will the new number one break through and win his first major in 2011?

Thrash TalkThe 2010 season was a crazy one for many different reasons, but the craziest thing of all is the fact Tiger Woods lost the top spot in the Official World Golf Ranking for the first time in over five years. It’s no surprise Woods had his worst year as a professional, but who would have predicted he would fall out of the top spot? I sure didn’t.

Lee Westwood took over the top spot in the rankings after playing really well the past couple years. He has won several events worldwide and has been in the hunt in more majors than anyone. With all his recent success, however, he is still looking for his first major victory. Will he finally break through and win a big one in 2011? Keep reading to find out.

Mizuno MP-63 Irons Review

Mizuno’s Diamond Muscle. Better than Cut Muscle (or Dual Muscle)? It just might be.

Mizuno MP-63 IronsA few years ago, I sold a set of Mizuno MP-60s and have been ruing the decision pretty much ever since. At the time, I thought I’d found a better fitting set for my game (plus, newer clubs are always better. Right?). Unfortunately, I haven’t found an iron with that same sweet feel that those MP-60s had. The MP-57s were very close, but the MP-52s and 62s seemed to lack the buttery feel that solid impact delivered with the 60s. Plus, that “Cut Muscle” design employed by Mizuno on the MP-32, -57, -60 and -67 made for some very good looking golf clubs.

Nike Launches New Machspeed Black Drivers and Forged VR Pro Combo, Pro Blade Irons

Nike sets its sights on continued success for the upcoming year by building off of proven designs and concepts. Because like I’ve said in the past, why re-invent the wheel if something works??

Bag DropIn sports, whether we’re talking about a single player, a team, or even the equipment our favorite athletes use, every entity forms a certain image, or a certain formula that people get to know that entity by. Generally speaking, if you have a successful formula, you stick with it, and over time, with a tweak here and an enhancement there, it may evolves. Sometimes it radically changes for no reason (see Harrington, Padraig), and other times, it gets a little bit too stuck in its ways and resists evolution, even when the situation calls for it (see Pittsburgh Steelers). Though more often is the case that these entities are able to evolve while at the same time staying true to their roots.

Enter Nike Golf. In a little short of a decade, they have kept that balance of both evolution and staying true to what got them to the big game. Technology has been the name of their game for quite a while, and a lot of times it’s out there and in your face, like it or not. But ever so slowly, their products evolved as well, by combining that technology with more traditional appearances, while still keeping options alive for players that don’t mind a little bit of that technology to be visible. I think the products we’ve got for you this week prove just how far they’ve come in a relatively short time. Follow along as we take a look and see what I mean.

Sun Setting on 2010 Playing Season

Keep your warm cider, pumpkin pie and Thanksgiving. I’ll be out, trying squeeze in one more round before winter.

Thrash TalkSome of my best memories in golf come on the short, crisp, leaf-strewn days of fall in the Northeast. The grass is always greener, the oppressive heat of the summer is a distant memory and the crowds have thinned out.

So as most of the country bids farewell to the 2010 playing season, packs up their gear and cleans out the trunk, I say, “welcome to fall, embrace it, and enjoy it.”

Lee Westwood Won’t be Number One for Very Long

Lee Westwood might be on top of world right now, but his reign as golf’s top player could be short lived.

Trap Five LogoLadies and gentlemen, Lee Westwood is now officially the number one ranked golfer in the world. Given that he took the top spot from media machine Tiger Woods, I probably don’t even have to tell you that. Although the story of Westwood’s fall from a top player early last decade is a good one, nice stories don’t a great golfer make. Even including his European Tour play, Westwood has no career majors and fewer wins the last two years than Tiger Woods, newly vegetarian Phil Mickelson, Martin Kaymer, and Steve Stricker. While his consistent play over the last few years has put him at the apex of his sport, here are five reasons that Lee Westwood won’t last as the top golfer.

Westwood’s Ascension Caps Foreign Golf Invasion

What an ugly year for American golf. Not only did the top U.S. players collapse, but the so-called future stars were embarrassing compared to the young studs from abroad.

Thrash TalkWe’ve known for a month that the calendar was going to be the only one to knock Tiger Woods from his perch atop the World Golf Rankings.

So when Lee Westwood rose to number one four days ago, it summed up golf in 2010: a foreign golfer steps in as an American falters. The was the year that American golf took one right on the chin from the rest of the world.

Callaway Releases New Diablo Octane Drivers and Fairway Woods

Callaway adds some fuel to their Diablo line with the new Diablo Octane and Diablo Octane Tour drivers and fairway woods.

Bag DropWhat happens when an established golf equipment manufacturer creates a research and development partnership with an Italian automaker known for their insanely fast supercars? We’ll answer that question in a minute, but it should come as no surprise that Callaway and Autmobilia Lamborghini (commonly known as just “Lamborghini”) have officially formalized their partnership after a number of years of collaboration on advanced materials. That, and apparently they both have some sort of obsession with the devil (Lamborghini Diablo, Callaway’s Diablo line of clubs, see the pattern here??).

Before I start spreading rumors of some devil worship cult that exists deep within the these two corporate giants, you should probably know that the Lamborghini Diablo was actually named after a fighting bull. Now that I’ve drifted ridiculously off-topic, I’m going to yank us right back like a bull fighter yanking away the red cape so that we can take a look at the latest drivers and fairway woods from Callaway.

Mizuno MP T-11 Wedges, MP-53 and MP-63 Irons Round Out Fall 2010 Lineup

Continuing our coverage of the newest clubs Mizuno has to offer, we take a look at the newest in the ever-popular MP series. Do we have something here to add to the early holiday wish list?

Bag DropThis week at Bag Drop, we shift gears from Mizuno’s new game improvement JPX line to the latest in their game enhancement MP line. Though the MP line has naturally evolved over the last few years, there are a few things we all expect to stay the same – the buttery feel, the near perfect sound, and the understated, modern good looks.

Also included in this week’s roundup is the newest in the MP T- line of forged wedges, the MP T-11. I could give you a long, drawn out introduction, but quite frankly, I know you want to get to the good stuff, and we have a lot to cover this week, so let’s get started!

Lessons from the 2010 Ryder Cup

From Pavin’s cure for insomnia to McDowell’s stones, what we’ll take away from 2010 at Celtic Manor.

Thrash TalkWatching this year’s Ryder Cup through the fog of too little sleep and the sputtering pace brought on by epic rain made for quite an experience. When it was all said and done, and I’d caught my breath from a dazzling final day of singles matches, I realized there was plenty to take away.

From the telling difference between the captains, to the way certain players stepped to the forefront on the biggest stage and in the most crucial situations, we can draw conclusions that will last far longer than Europe’s champagne hangover.