Paula Creamer: Amateur For Now

Paula Creamer is going to remain an amateur… for now. She’s hedging her bets.

Paula Creamer, 18, is going to remain an amateur for now, says ESPN. Paula will compete as an amateur in the LPGA Q-School in order to compete in the Women’s World Amateur Team Championship in Puerto Rico in October. By remaining an amateur, Paula also preserves the option to compete in college if she fails to get her card.

Paula Creamer finished T13 (with Wie) in the US Women’s Open and 2nd at the Shoprite LPGA Classic in June. LPGA Q-School begins September 21.

3 thoughts on “Paula Creamer: Amateur For Now”

  1. I think this is an excellent move on her part. As much as I think that Michelle Wie adds to the game of golf – both in terms of publicity and recognition by a generation of young women – professional golf is challenging and time consuming.

    It’s nice to see someone as talented as Paula decide to put her education high on the list of priorities.

  2. And one more thing: I think ESPN is taking a poor angle on this story. Yes, Paula is going to try for Q-School right out of high school, and yes that might mean that she’d forgo college.

    But, the take on the announcement I have is much more positive; Paula is a very talented young golfer, and the sport is looking for people of her skill level. I’m sure she’s received numerous offers of sponsorships from corporations and the like. Taking a sponsorship would immediately do two things: cement her career as a professional golfer, and eliminate any chances she’d have playing in college.

    Does this mean she’s definitely attending college? No. But in the world of LeBron and Kevin Garnett and kids who go pro straight out of high school – of Michelle Wie and pros at fourteen – it’s nice to see someone of her skill keeping college open.

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