Big Mouth Mark Hensby Criticizes Greg Norman

Mark Hensby can’t keep his mouth shut: this week, he’s criticizing Greg Norman. To Hensby I have but one thing to say: put up or shut up.

Mark HensbyMark Hensby isn’t one to keep his mouth shut. First he ran his mouth about Michelle Wie, saying “I don’t think a 15-year-old girl who’s done nothing at all should get a sponsor’s invitation to a PGA Tour event.” A lot of articles start the same way this one does, “Australian golfer Mark Hensby has slammed (fill in the blank).”

This week, the tiny Australian’s target is none other than the gigantic Greg Norman. Norman’s fault, which Hensby can’t resist pointing out? The Great White Shark, recently voted Australia’s golfer of the century, apparently doesn’t do enough to support Australian golf.

Said Hensby, “I can’t see why Greg Norman is not doing anything. To me, he should be doing a little bit more to make sure it [the Australasian PGA Tour] doesn’t go downhill.” Three of the six Australasian Tour events are co-sponsored by either the European Tour (Johnnie Walker Classic) or the Nationwide Tour (Jacob’s Creek Open, New Zealand PGA Championship).

Hensby describes Norman as “a very powerful man” who he feels should use his experience to help young Australian golfers.

Aussies Robert Allenby and Stuart Appleby were quick to defend Norman. Allenby went so far as to call Hensby’s comments “pretty sad” and to say Greg is Australian golf. He doesn’t owe the tour anything.” Allenby then pointed out that Norman sponsored the Greg Norman Holden Classic for years. “I didn’t see the Mark Hensby Holden Classic,” he said.

Stuart Appleby also supported Norman, saying “Greg has done a huge amount for Australian golf. I don’t think he can make a huge difference now.”

Adam Scott is widely known as a Greg Norman supporter as well, and credits Norman with much of his own success on the PGA Tour. Many will recall that last year both Adam Scott and Greg Norman took flak from Bruce Devlin for missing the 100th Australian Open.

Here’s a tip for Mark Hensby: put up or shut up.

11 thoughts on “Big Mouth Mark Hensby Criticizes Greg Norman”

  1. sense when is it not okay to speak your mind? Unless I am mistaken, you guys at the sand trap sure feel free to speak your mind….don’t you?

  2. certain status, that most of the tour players have comes with sad but true obligation, to think about what you want to say before you open your mouth. There is so many morons using their 15 minutes of fame (ok, sometimes longer than 15 min) to bitch about other people. Unfortunatelly only some of them have to pay for it (happy Thanksgiving T.O.!) Hensby talking about Norman is crazy. Get real Hensby, you’re out of your league talking about a hall-of-famer.

  3. In recent we have heard the trash talking of the NASCAR, NFL, NBA & NCAAF – Golf has been known as the “gentlemens game.” This last year Rory Sabbatini started degrading the game by his obnoxious behavior. Now this. You kind of expect thugs to mouth off in tough team sports, but golf is basically an individual sport. The biggest mistake Greg Norman has ever made is getting involved with Bill Clinton, however, hundreds and hundreds of Ausi kids are growing up trying to be the next shark just like we have a bunch of kids trying to be a tiger! I agree with you on this one – you make a name and influence others with your clubs. That give you the right to speak!

  4. Gentlemen

    Please try and separate the personality from the problem.
    As an ex pat Scot living in Australasia I’ve witnessed, first hand, the ever reducing number of big name players coming to Aussie and Godzone (aka New Zealand).
    It appears that the Aussie administrators are unable to get their act together. So who’s going to change this unfortunate situation?
    Thinking about this and trying to be part of the solution and not part of the problem.
    My thoughts turned to the King – Arnold Palmer, who decided he’d play in The Open
    which his peers avoided, primarily because of the fact there was more money in the US.
    As we are all aware the King breathed life into what was becoming a very devalued
    major championship. Long live the King.
    What’s needed is someone who can breath life into the Pro Tour Down Under.
    And it appears to me that Norman has the mana, the money and presumably
    a network of a pro friends who owe him one, to resurrect the Aussie/NZ tour.
    And should he accept the challenge. Just maybe he’ll end up being remembered more for his gracious contribution towards reviving the Australasian tour and less for his penchant for snatching defeat from the jaws of success.

    Erik will send personal email to you tomorrow explaining where I’m at and where I’ve been for the last few months.

  5. I agree with what james white said in the first comment. I don’t think it’s wrong to speak your mind because I certainly do every week here at The Sand Trap.

    I just disagree with what Hensby said about Norman. I think of Greg Norman when I think of Australian golf, and so does everyone else. The comments weren’t valid, that’s what I have a problem with.

    He can speak his mind all he wants. And I actually agree with what he said about Michelle Wie.

  6. Where was Mark Hensby last weekend at the Australian Masters. As a Melbourne boy you would think he would be supporting our tournament as he suggested Greg should. There may be a valid excuse but as far as I know he hasn’t played since he won 500K in late October.

  7. I met Mark at a Turning Stone event just prior to the tournament. He was candid and kind, and gave me a lot of his time. I followed his round with Ellenby. Whatever occured between the two was behind them as they talked and laughed together through 18 holes of frigid golf. I’m sure Norman wouldn’t mind shaking the guy’s hand either. Can’t blame a man for being proud of his country and wanting the best. Mark you are a gentleman and I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to talk with you.

  8. I completely agree with Hensbys comments about the “GREAT” white shark. Yes Norman is a shark he has scavenged all that he can from his career and now is above contact from individuals unless of course there is big bucks involved. He will forget that the ONLY reason he got there was the support of his fans who now are no more than a nuisance to him. I wish that people who achieved that level of fame could at least maintain the humility and appreciate where and why he became what he was. Not just shark around and capitalize on every person to make his empire bigger.How much does a man need to be happy. Obviously it never helped his personal life as we have witnessed with the break up of Chris Evert. Serves him right he threw out his lady when his head got to big.

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