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Crocs Ace Golf Shoe Review

Dec. 19, 2008     By     Comments (42)

CrocsI know what you are thinking: golf Crocs? When I was first introduced to the concept of a Croc golf shoe I had more than a few reservations. I have never been a big fan of Crocs. Sure, I saw more than a few people wearing them around town, and my daughter is a die-hard fan who refuses to wear anything else, but I was not sold. And, I certainly did not see them as a type of shoe that could be used for sports - especially not golf.

As it is with skeptics, I was given a pair and told to try them out. Skeptical as I was I took them out on the course and ran them through the drills to see if they really could hold up to what a regular golf shoe has to endure. The results may surprise you. They certainly surprised me.

Mizuno MP-52 Irons Review

Dec. 12, 2008     By     Comments (72)

Playability in an MPWhen the MP-52 debuted this fall with its sibling the MP-62, there were two surprises. First, the company's "Cut Muscle" design of the last several years is missing, replaced with a very different "Dual Muscle" technology. Second, with the MP-52, Mizuno set out to make a more forgiving MP iron. The MP line has always been the domain of low and lower-mid handicappers. They have a reputation as being workable while providing a lot of feedback. Keeping up to those standards with a forgiving club is a bit of a tall order.

Consider that mid- and low-handicappers can be pretty finicky about their clubs. Many won't play muscle backs because they think (probably accurately) that they need more forgiveness. Others won't consider anything that isn't basically blade-like, because they refuse to sacrifice feel and workability (nothing wrong with that stance either). Forgiveness and workability are to a large extent at opposite ends of the same spectrum. Creating playable irons that meet the needs and preferences of better golfers is a gutsy undertaking for a company with a solid reputation among lower handicappers.

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Adams Idea Pro Gold Irons and Hybrids

Nov. 7, 2008     By     Comments (8)

Adams Idea Pro Forged Gold SetDon't let the two hybrids fool you. The Adams Idea Pro Gold Irons are intended for better players of all ages. Adams has taken it upon themselves to do you a favor and remove the temptation of those 3- and 4-irons by replacing them with easy-to-hit hybrids. Chances are, after you play these clubs for a little while, you won't even miss the long irons.

Adams Golf has been making some great equipment for years, though at times the general golfing public has seemed oblivious to their efforts. Adams is out to change that. While Champions Tour star and PGA Tour legend Tom Watson is probably the best known Adams staffer, the company is beginning to get some exposure with PGA Tour players.

Last year, Adams signed Aaron Baddeley and Rory Sabbatini to endorsement deals (not to mention Tommy "Two Gloves" Gainey from Golf Channel's Big Break). There are Adams staffers on the LPGA and Nationwide tours, as well as on the Long Drivers of America circuit. All of which should help convince more "Joe Golfers" to give Adams clubs a try, and they'd be well advised to at least take a look.

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Cleveland VP Mills Putter Review

Oct. 12, 2008     By     Comments (10)

Cleveland VP Milled PutterWhen you think of Cleveland Golf, you think of a few things. Vijay Singh, the HiBore driver and some classic wedges. One of the last things you might think of is putters.

Well, maybe you think of the Never Compromise line that Vijay Singh and David Toms used for years, but Cleveland Golf has now made an introduction into the milled putter market with its line of VP Milled putters. In a space that is dominated by Scotty Cameron, Cleveland Golf has their work cut out for them.

The biggest question for Cleveland Golf is this: Can they do enough to entice players of all skills to put a VP Mills putter in their bag instead of a Cameron? Read on to find out.

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Pelz Wedge Collection by Bobby Jones Review

Oct. 11, 2008     By     Comments (16)

Pelz/Bobby Jones Wedge HeroNext to one's putter, your wedges are the most important club in your bag. Considering that the majority of your golf shots occur within 100 yards, having a wedge (or wedges) you can trust is vitally important to playing good golf.

To give you an alternative to the "big boys" of the golf equipment field, Bobby Jones Golf have combined the forces of clubmaker aficionado Jesse Ortiz and short-game guru Dave Pelz and have come out with a set of wedges that are one part classic and one part science-fiction technology.

I spent a month playing the Pelz/Bobby Jones wedges and though I had to adjust my wedge game a little bit, I was pretty impressed by what Ortiz and Pelz had come up with. Read on to find out what I thought of their creation.

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Kennsington Golf Club (Canfield, OH) Review

Oct. 10, 2008     By     Comments (4)

The joke Alan and I came up with when arriving at Kennsington Golf Club is that we must have passed through some sort of warp door. We made a right turn off a crowded street, right between a Wendy's and a Panera, then passed some dentist's offices, and bam! We were suddenly in the middle of nowhere with a golf course stretching out for miles ahead of us. The attractive cart girl (is there another kind?) drove out to grab our clubs and we were off.

Kennsington opened in June, 2006 and has the potential to be one of the top courses in the surprisingly crowded Youngstown, Ohio area. The course is lined by construction (though the interior remain free of McMansions or any other houses) as large houses are being built at a good rate, and the entire area seems to be growing rapidly.

Read on to see what we thought of the golf course at Kennsington Golf Club.

Frogger Amphibian Towel Review

Sep. 19, 2008     By     Comments (11)

Frogger Amphibian Towel HeroSeveral weeks back I discussed some towel options you may want to check out during your next trip to your favorite golf shop (or to look at during lunchtime at the office). One of the towels mentioned was the Frogger Amphibian towel, which I've been using for the past month.

I know what you might be thinking, "It's just a towel" but if you're even semi-fanatical about keeping your clubs clean while on the course, you know how important a good towel can be. A good towel is key in keeping your clubs free and clear of debris and looking good. Read on to find out why I think the Amphibian towel is the best towel currently on the market.

iGolf Neo GPS Review

Sep. 19, 2008     By     Comments (46)

The iGolf NeoAre you still pacing off yardages? How many times do you find a marker that seems inaccurate? Wouldn't you rather have a rangefinder? I know, they're expensive, but now there's one that costs less than a new fairway wood.

The iGolf Neo represents the new entry point for GPS rangefinders. At $149.99 (plus a $30 annual subscription), the iGolf Neo will make owning a GPS rangefinder a more likely proposition for many golfers.

I know what you're thinking, a GPS rangefinder for $150? It must be seriously limited in features. Well, as a matter of fact, this review is a bit overdue, because I've been enjoying playing golf with the iGolf Neo instead of writing about it.

Leupold GX-I Laser Rangefinder Review

Aug. 29, 2008     By     Comments (35)

Leupold GX-I Laser RangefinderI started a Bushnell PinSeeker 1500 review in 2005 with the sentence "Tiger Woods has long said that the secret to good golf is always being pin high." A lot has changed since 2005, but Tiger's advice still rings true.

What has changed is that three years ago rangefinders and GPS units were a rarity. In 2005, these types of devices were illegal. Since 2006, they've been legal for tournament play under a local rule, and it seems as though every serious golfer has one (or more!) in their bags. The market has expanded quickly, and the early guys in - Bushnell with laser rangefinders and SkyGolf with GPS - are being challenged at every turn.

One of the challengers in the laser rangefinder category is longtime rifle scope-maker Leupold (& Stevens) with their GX-I and GX-II laser rangefinders. These rangefinders notably improve upon the venerable PinSeeker 1500 in just about the only ways I think a laser rangefinder can really be improved: by adding features, making it smaller, and shaving a hundred bucks off the asking price.

I've put the GX-I to a thorough test. Read on for my results.

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