Bunker Rakes: In or Out?

There may not be a rule regarding bunker rakes, but there is some common sense.

Bunker RakeWhen you’re done raking a bunker, should you place the rake inside or outside the bunker?

That simple question has long perplexed individuals. We hear it’s even been the cause of at least one divorce! What do the rules say about bunker rakes – they sure are a mystery. Let’s get an answer.

In either position – in or out – the bunker can affect a player’s ball. Outside it could knock a ball into a bunker (or prevent it from falling into one), and inside it could keep a ball in a bunker or bury under the rake.

Loose Impediments

Dung is not dung, it’s actually a loose impediment…

I own a copy of The Rules of Golf, and let me just say, it is close to impossible for any human (with a life) to know everything packed into this text. Yes, I visit the Rule–a–day website every so often to test my golf acumen, but some of the rules never cease to amaze me.

I know I have to play the ball as it lies, and when to hit a provisional ball, but what I didn’t know is that dung is not dung, it’s actually a loose impediment.

Rules of Golf (Online)

An online guide to the Rules of Golf, courtesy of the USGA.

Need an online guide to the Rules of Golf? Here you go! For those of you not under the influence of the USGA, here is the R&A’s version.

Your Opponent’s Ball

Are you obligated to tell your opponent if you find his ball?

Your opponent hits the ball into the rough and can’t find it. You stumble across the ball while looking for your own ball. Are you obligated to tell your opponent that you’ve found his ball, or is it “ok” to leave him in the dark, potentially costing him a lost-ball penalty?

The short answer: you’re allowed to remain mute by the rules of golf, but it’s a serious breach of etiquette to be such a jerk. Read more at about.com.