2005 Newport Cup: The Photos

Some pictures to remember the inaugural playing of the Newport Cup.

Newport CupThe Newport Cup may be over, but with the help of some images, it will live forever.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, you’re about to read one heckuva long story. It’s a story of sorrow (Red Team) and jubilation (Blue Team). It’s a tale of birdies and bogeys (and quadruple bogeys). Of water hazards, bunkers, and pine straw. It’s a story of net holes in one and five-hour rounds in some of the best golf weather to be found. For cryin’ out loud, it’s even got a llama!

Join us as we look back at the weekend that was the 2005 Newport Cup.

2005 Newport Cup Recap

The 2005 Newport Cup has come to an end, and with that come our scores. How close were the matches? Find out here.

Newport CupThe inaugural playing of the Newport Cup has come to a close, and with it, an 11½-8½ Blue Team victory. Though we’ll have coverage of the event in later posts, this story will share with the world some of the scoring.

As many know, our first two rounds at Talamore and Pine Needles were played in two-man best-ball competition, while our final round featured singles matches at Davis Love III’s Anderson Creek. Each member of the Newport Cup played with every member of his team and against every member of the opposing team at least once, and we all had a great time getting to know each other.

The Newport Cup

The 2005 Newport Cup kicks off on October 15-16, and we’re excited!

Newport CupOn October 15 and 16, The Sand Trap .com is holding the initial Newport Cup matches in the sandhills of North Carolina. The competition will be similar to the Ryder Cup (albeit with smaller teams) and should be great fun.

The Name
The Newport Cup is named after the location of the first U.S. Open, the Newport Golf and Country Club in Rhode Island. Held in 1895, professional golfer Horace Rawlins of England was the first champion.

We’ve yet to choose team names for the two competing teams, so this year they’ll simply be the Red and Blue teams. The ball supplies the “white” in a patriotic theme. We’ll choose team names at the event. Perhaps we’ll be in an irreverent mood and play Team McAvoy versus Team Spackler, or perhaps we’ll keep things historic. We shall see…

Logos and Artwork

The Sand Trap .com now has a new logo, in addition to Newport Cup logos and more. Get some JPEGs here.

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The Sand Trap .com is looking to add a columnist to our staff. Specifically, we’re looking to add an interviewer to complete a weekly interview with someone in the golf world (we’ve got a good number of contacts). The column would be published on Saturdays and would be read by hundreds of thousands of readers from all over the globe.

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“MJ” of “MJonGolf” (mjongolf.com) has been tracking an interesting statistic: PGA Tour Earnings/Start. Such a statistic accounts for the fact that Vijay Singh, for example, enters ten or so more tournaments per year than Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson, giving him a great advantage on the money list.

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