We’ve redesigned our site. Did we meet all ten of our design goals? Tell us what you think!

Yes, this is The Sand Trap. We’ve redesigned a little bit. Our design goals for this go-round were quite simple:

1. Have a good-looking menu.
If you dropped by before, you remember the little menu we had at the top. It served its purpose, but it wasn’t very attractive, it didn’t tempt people to look at the site, and it didn’t work in most versions of Internet Explorer. Our new menu, the “Article Topics” to the right, is far more attractive and user-friendly.

2. Move away from traditional “blog” look.
“Blogs” have a typical look. They emphasize the date, they have a strong “category” presence. They use usernames like “blingo” and “caseycat” (I’ve made those up, so if that’s your name, please take no offense). The line between a “blog” and a “news site” is blurry. We wanted to be on the latter side of that blur. I think we’ve succeeded.

Brand New Server

We’ve got a dedicated little server here just for The Sand Trap .com!

The Sand Trap .com moved today. You may not have noticed, but we have. We’re sitting here on a brand new server, folks! That’s right. We’ve grown so quickly (the addition of the golf forum helped!) that we thought we’d better do this sooner than later, and so we have.

The Sand Trap .com is coming to you live from a new new server. It may take a little while still for your caches to clear and for DNS servers worldwide to agree, but the fact is simple: we’re here. Or there. Or not where we were this morning. But still right here on your screen. 🙂

Forum Open

The forums are open, the forums are open! Register today!

Well, I stayed up until about 5am and got some work done on the forum. It’s not completely done – we’re still going to tweak the look of a few things, but it’s ready for your posts.

You’ll also note that we’ve included the link in our menu at the top of the site.

Some nifty features of this forum include:

  1. Have a blog or a golf site? Put the darn thing in your signature! We’re happy to have you.
  2. “Reputations” can be built – users can rate other users (after they post x times – we’ve yet to decide on x).
  3. Thread ratings – at the top of each thread you’ll see an option to rate the thread with stars. Go ahead!
  4. More more more – we’re just starting out with this, but more to come!

If you’d like to skip straight ahead to the registration, go ahead:


Forums are coming, forums are coming!

We’re working on adding some forums to the site. If you’re interested in getting in early and helping us shake out some bugs, email us, post a comment on this entry, or IM me on AIM (iacas).

It should be exciting! The forum is looking good and, unlike some other forums out there, we’re not a bunch of over-sensitive hippies.

The creation of this forum was pushed forward by forum member #2: Aaron White, aka “Mister Slice.” He said just yesterday:

The game of golf has a new challenge: the Internet. While many sports have seen a huge increase to their following on the Internet, it seems that golf is lagging far behind. There is a very drastic shortage of golf-related web material compared to football, baseball, basketball and college athletics.

The Sand Trap .com to the rescue, Aaron!

Site Updates

We really like Web standards!

The site may be going through a bit of upheaval as we try to make sure everything validates properly. Please bear with us.

Update: seems we’re all done. The home page validates and the individual pages validate as well. Good stuff!

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The Sand Trap .com offers syndicated content in RSS 2.0 and Atom flavors. Take your pick!

Subscribing to The Sand Trap .com is easy. We offer two feeds, an RSS 2.0 and an Atom feed. You can subscribe to these “feeds” in an “aggregator.”

Both feeds display links to the complete articles and display the first few paragraphs of each entry.
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There are many aggregators available, but we’ve chosen to link to the two best, in our opinion:
Mac OS X: PulpFiction
Windows: FeedDemon

We hope you enjoy The Sand Trap .com!

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It’s simple: your information is safe with us.

Our privacy policy is very simple.

We’ll never sell or give your email address, name, or any other personal information to anyone unless it’s made explicitly clear that we’ll do so (i.e. for a contest or something). As of July 1, 2009 we’ve yet to have such a contest, and do not foresee doing such in the future, either.

You may get emails from time to time from this site – particularly if you join the forum – but these are under your complete control and you may turn them off at any time.

We hate spam, and know that you likely do as well, so we’re not going to subject you to it.


Welcome to The Sand Trap .com!

Welcome to The Sand Trap .com. We hope to become the premier golf blog – short for “web log” – in the universe! Planet? Country? State? How about town? This is the first entry, and is primarily being created simply to test some things out.

Sit back and enjoy. We’ll be building up our content soon.