Introducing “Swing Check” Video Analysis

A new column debuts, and you can be the star. Or, well, the subject at least…

Swing CheckWelcome to the most helpful column here at The Sand Trap: Swing Check. This column will look at video of someone’s swing, critique it (largely by comparing it to the swings of professionals), and share the results for all the world to see. It’s free analysis that you can use to improve your game, and the best part is this: you get to submit the videos!

To submit your video, please read on and fill out the required information.

Required Shots
For the best analysis, we ask that you film yourself swinging with two clubs from two angles for a total of four videos. Note: you must hit a golf ball. Please don’t submit your practice swings to us, as you know what they say about that. The four shots are:

  1. Facing camera with a driver.
  2. Facing camera with a 6-iron.
  3. Camera down the target line with a driver.
  4. Camera down the target line with a 6-iron.

These four views will allow us to see all that we need to see.

Special Note Regarding Setup of your Video Camera: Set up your camera at waist height. For the “down the target line” shots, put the camera on a line straight back from your target line, and for the facing shots, center yourself in the frame. For both types of shots, try to get as close as possible to the camera without swinging outside of the frame.

Video Quality Requirements
In order to get the best results, we do have some video requirements. Please make sure all video is at least 320 x 240 with at least 30 frames per second (60 frames per second is a great help!). QuickTime (.mov) files work best, but we can usually work with AVI (.avi) or Windows Media (.wmv) files as well. Do not submit YouTube videos – they’re pretty much useless. Videos of poor quality will be rejected.

If you want to submit high quality videos with a fairly inexpensive device, get yourself a Kodak Zi6. It takes 720p video at 60 FPS. Great stuff.

Submitting a Video
If you’d like to submit a video, please answer the following questions.

1. What goals have you set for yourself? Please be specific with regards to a) time line, b) scoring, c) swing, and d) anything else that may be helpful.

2. How would you describe your game right now? Please be specific with regards to a) how long you have been playing, b) scoring range, c) your common problems, misses, or bad shots with your current swing d) any other information that may be helpful.

3. Describe your typical driver shot? What driver shot do you fear most? What’s your average driver distance?

4. Describe your typical 6-iron shot? What type of iron shot do you fear most? How far do you hit your 6-iron on average? Your pitching wedge?

5. What other information can you provide that may be helpful? For example, do you have any permanent injuries that might affect your swing?

6. What’s your current handicap?

Email Us
Email your answers to “” We’ll talk with you about getting the video from you.

11 thoughts on “Introducing “Swing Check” Video Analysis”

  1. Just to be sure, you want us actually hitting a ball in these shots?

    I can do it in the backyard with a practice ball, or go to the range for the real thing.

  2. Just to be sure, you want us actually hitting a ball in these shots?

    Yes, ideally, because the long-standing joke about someone’s practice swing being Tour-quality has a lot of merit to it. Ideally it should be a real golf ball, but if you feel confident that you can put the same swing on a practice ball in your back yard, that will work too. You’d only be cheating yourself if the swing was different, after all.

  3. Hello, is this still going on?

    I’d love to participate in this, I have videos but not the required ones.

    Will this still be happening in about a week or 2?

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