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The Numbers Game

Newport Cup 2006 in Numbers

Oct. 19, 2006     By     Comments (11)

The Numbers GameThe second annual Newport Cup is over and the numbers are in. Unfortunately for myself and rest of the Blue team, our numbers were not large enough to overcome the Red team's. They were led by a father-and-son combination that proved too much for the Blue Sand Trap staff member team.

This week in The Numbers Game I'll talk about all things number related at the 2006 Newport Cup held in my home state of North Carolina.

Europe vs. America in Numbers

Sep. 28, 2006     By     Comments (9)

The Numbers GameA stat appeared on my television while I was watching the Ryder Cup on Sunday. The stat listed Paul Casey as being sixth on the European Tour in Greens in Regulation (GIR) at 75.1%. As the resident "numbers guy," I was taken aback. I knew that Tiger Woods was ranked first on the PGA Tour… but with a GIR rate of nowhere close to 75%.

So I thought it would be worthwhile in this installment of The Numbers Game to compare players stats on both sides of the pond - the European Tour and the PGA Tour - to see what it might reveal. I'm not looking to identify the better tour - just see what the numbers tell us. I was surpised what they had to say!

2006 Winners by the Numbers

Sep. 21, 2006     By     Comments (1)

The Numbers GameLast week I talked about what the winners had in their bag. This week in The Numbers Game I look at the winners again, but not at what driver or putter they used. This time I wanted to see what they excelled at in winning the tournaments they did.

Was it putting? Greens in regulation? Or was it one of the driving stats that they led on their way to victory? Read on to find out.

What’s in the Bag, Volume Three

Sep. 14, 2006     By     Comments (9)

The Numbers GameIt's time again for another installment of "What's in the Bag?" at The Numbers Game. Earlier in the year, Nike had an early lead in drivers, irons, and wedges. It was also hanging close in the ball category as well. Has Nike kept their lead? Or has Titlest or TaylorMade closed the gap?

Read on to find out.

Nuggets, Volume Two

Sep. 7, 2006     By     Comments (1)

The Numbers GameI always make a few notes as I thumb through the stats pages and other websites as I compile my column. Some things aren't worth an entire article, but together they make for a good read.

This week in The Numbers Game, it's the second installment of those little bits of information I find interesting. Read on to see if you do too.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Volume One

Aug. 31, 2006     By     Comments (0)

The Numbers GameIn every sport, there is good, bad, and ugly. Over the last few weeks I've seen a little bit of each. Of course there is some Tiger and a bit of Love, but I won't even spare myself from the steely glare of the Numbers Game microscope.

This week in The Numbers Game I'll break down what I thought was good, bad, and ugly in all of golf, including my own game.

2006 Ryder Cup Picks

Aug. 24, 2006     By     Comments (6)

The Numbers GameTom Lehman went with two veterans to round out the 2006 Ryder Cup team. No, we're not talking about Fred Couples and Davis Love. While not the flashiest players, Stewart Cink and Scott Verplank gave Lehman what he was looking for - consistent, solid golfers with above average short games.

Were there better options? Should Lehman have considered someone else? That's what I'll look at this week in The Numbers Game.

PGA Championship 2006

Aug. 17, 2006     By     Comments (0)

The Numbers GameIt's hard to imagine that it was seven years ago that Tiger and Sergio were paired in the final round at Medinah in the PGA Championship. It was supposed to be the start of a rivalry. It was supposed to be as if Jack and Seve were in their prime at the same time. Tiger lived up to his end of the bargain, but Sergio is still searching for the magic he once had.

There were a lot of other good golfers out there in 1999 that played some great golf at Medinah. This week in The Numbers Game, I'll look at some of the other players that played seven years ago and see if it means good or bad things for each of them.

Tiger and Jack

Aug. 10, 2006     By     Comments (22)

The Numbers GameSince everyone is on the Tiger train this week, I thought I'd jump aboard. Cody wrote a great article earlier in the week and so did Gary Van Sickle over at CNNSI. Gary stole some of my numbers thunder, but I have some other interesting nuggets to share this week in The Numbers Game about Tiger at 50… wins that is.

Since Jack Nicklaus is constantly disparaging Tiger's achievements, I thought I'd do a bit of a comparison between the two. Even though it's difficult to compare golfers from different eras, the results can still be quite revealing. For me, it has cleared the picture up a bit more and prepared the stamp "Greatest Golfer of All Time" for Tiger Woods.

Read on to see what I mean.

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