Ian MacCallister to Release New Ad at Deutsche Bank?

Ian MacCallister is up to his old tricks. This time he’s committing identity theft… of a sort.

We last heard from Ian MacCallister when he launched his anti-NXT, anti-technology blog at nxtube.com.

With this week’s Deutsche Bank Championship being played in Boston – an hour’s drive from Titleist’s headquarters – we expected to hear from Ian once again. He did not disappoint, as early this morning the FedEx man delivered not a Cup but a CD to Sand Trap headquarters. There was no return address, but the CD clearly came from the GDAD chairman and contained a single file: the movie you see to the right. Our hunch? Ian plans to release this ad for airplay during Sunday’s coverage of the Deutsche Bank Championship.

Sorry, Ian. Despite the name of our site, we’re in favor of these balls, as evidenced by our recent review.

P.S. A version is also available on YouTube.

1 thought on “Ian MacCallister to Release New Ad at Deutsche Bank?”

  1. I don’t know what to make of the NXT commercials. In one sense, they are totally off-brand for Titleist (they seem like Cobra or Pinnacle ads). On the other hand, I will pretty much watch anything that John Cleese does (a habit I regretted when “Fierce Creatures” came out). And there’s a part of me that wishes he wouldn’t do commercials at all.

    Anyway, the whole NXTube.com thing is almost brilliant, it just comes up short, but I love the fact that they gave it a shot.

    That being said, this video with Wally’s head and calling him the “Supreme Leader” of Titleist makes me giggle. All hail our Acushnet overlords!

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