Inside the TaylorMade Golf Ball Launch

Here’s your insider’s look at TaylorMade’s golf ball launch event.

Taylormade Ball Launch Follow ArrowsThe Sand Trap was at Reynolds Plantation this week for the launch of TaylorMade’s new TP golf balls. We’ve given you the lowdown on the new TP Red and TP Black balls, and now we’d like to give you some insight into what it’s like to attend a major golf product launch. Read on and you’ll feel like you were there (minus the great food, cool presentations and range time with Sergio Garcia, of course).

TaylorMade doesn’t do anything small, and the brand’s splashy re-entry into the golf ball business was no exception. The event was held over a long weekend at Reynolds Plantation in Greensboro, Georgia – conveniently located between Atlanta and Augusta. Perfect for snaring tour professionals and media members on their way from the BellSouth to the Masters.

TaylorMade TP Golf Ball Video

TaylorMade knows how to get the heart pumping with a fast-paced video that makes you want to go out and whack some golf balls really far.

TaylorMade TP BallsIn case you haven’t heard yet, TaylorMade now makes golf balls. Sunday’s introduction of the TP Red and TP Black golf balls was done by TaylorMade-Adidas Golf CEO Mark King, PGA Tour player Sergio Garcia, and others. Towards the end of the presentation, Garcia introduced a video.

This video (6:07, 31.3 MB .wmv), to be more precise.

Go ahead and grab the video. You’ll find it’s an aggressive, energy-packed video that makes some bold claims and statements, not the least of which is Senior Director of R&D Dean Snell saying “Holy Shit, this is awesome” (though Dean would later jokingly claim he never said “holy shit” and that the audio was dubbed in).

What follows are some screenshots of the presentation for those who don’t have time to watch the six-minute video.

Girls Get Lei’d on The Big Break V

It’s time for another season of “The Big Break”. The ladies will stir up trouble in Hawaii making this another terrific season of physical and mental prowess. Who will earn an exemption this season?

How many people agree with me that the Big Break IV was a bit of a snoozer? The old “Europeans versus the Americans” work better in the Presidents Cup or the Ryder Cup but became a bit overdone by the time The Golf Channel got through with it. Well folks, snooze no more! The ladies are back for another season of the Big Break and they’re not only good golfers but they are also hotties!

2006 Big Break V:Hawaii Calendar

They even have their own 2006 swimsuit calendar to muster up a bit more interest! Where is Danielle Amiee when you need her?

Seriously, if the new season of the Big Break is anything like the original “Ladies Only” competition, it should be a hoot to watch.

ABC Out in 2007

ABC has balked at Tim Finchem’s asking price and has apparently left the table in negotiations for television coverage in 2007 (and beyond).

ABC LogoGolf Digest and USA Today (via the AP) are reporting that television network ABC has walked out of negotiations with the PGA Tour for carrying tournament coverage beginning in 2007. This leaves only CBS and NBC at the table with Tour Commish Tim Finchem.

The current PGA Tour contract runs through the 2006 season. In 2007, the PGA Tour will feature a revamped schedule, a playoff system, the “FedEx Cup,” and a “Fall Finish”. Apparently, the ol’ Finchy is still asking for too much money, and ABC simply decided they’d heard enough. Despite having found success with Paul Azinger and Nick Faldo in the announcing booth, both players may need to hone their game for the Champions Tour come 2007 if they’d like at least a semi-regular paycheck.

Battle of the Bridges

The Battle of the Bridges takes place tonight in what might be Tiger Woods’ final Monday-night appearance.

Tonight, at 7pm ET on ESPN2 and at 8pm ET on ABC, Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Retief Goosen, and John Daly will meet at the Battle of the Bridges. Tiger Woods may not be playing in Monday-night golf beyond this year’s event, making this event one you won’t want to miss.

Ratings have dropped since Sergio Garcia bested Woods in a head-to-head match in 2000, and this year’s lineup failed to get Vijay Singh and Ernie Els for the best-ball match play tournament.

For those of you who can’t get enough Tiger, for those of you who hate or love Phil Mickelson, for those of you who want to see if John Daly has gone back to the mullet, and for those of you who want to see if Retief Goosen’s facial expression ever changes, tune in tonight.

Titleist Performance Institute Begins New Season Tonight

The Titleist Performance Institute kicks off its 2005 season with 10 new episodes. When? Tonight!

Titleist Performance Institute TpiThe Titleist Performance Institute kicks off its 2005 10-episode season tonight on The Golf Channel. The first episode of the season, “Lower Back,” airs tonight (June 11) at 8:40pm EDT.

In its second season on The Golf Channel, Golf Fitness Academy Presented by Titleist offers a wide range of useful tips that directly relate to producing a more efficient swing, from conditioning exercises for all golfers which improve upper and lower strength, flexibility and endurance to identifying obstacles and prescribing solutions for specific categories of golfers, such as women, juniors, and players with bad posture.

Basically, it’s something you rarely see on The Golf Channel: informative, helpful programming that isn’t catered towards rich old guys or Tiger Woods fanatics. Perhaps the TPI will release a free DVD like they did last year… The full press release – and a guide to all of the shows and guests – can be found here at

Nike Platinum: The Ad

The new Nike ONE Platinum ad is out. What will you see?

Nike PlatinumThe new Nike ad is spreading in the airwaves, through your cable, and on the Internet (though it’s not yet on

The commercial begins with a black screen. White text appears that says “We gave you a wedge with more feel. You showed us what it could do.”

Video of Tiger hitting his chip on the 16th at Augusta appears.

The black screen reappears along with the text “We gave you a ball with more control.”

The video shows Tiger’s ball rolling down the hill, crawling towards the hole, pausing, and then rolling gently, flashing the Nike logo for all to see.

The black screen and text reappear, saying “And you didn’t center the logo?”

Sports Bloggers Live

Stacy Solomon talks about Ryan Moore on Sports Bloggers Live. Check it out.

Sports Bloggers Live

Last night, Stacy Solomon proudly represented The Sand Trap on Sports Bloggers Live. After following up with Tubby from Putts from the Rough (and his lovely “Els/Garcia” Masters picks), Stacy got the chance to talk about the amateur Ryan Moore:

Ryan Moore has a future. He will definitely be seen as a leader. As all beginners on Tour do, he’ll be surprised at the level of competition. It’ll take him a few months or a year to get his “sea legs.” I think he’ll break through and have his moment in the sun and win a major. He seems to feel comfortable at The Masters, so that might be his tournament.

You can listen to The Masters segment here (RealPlayer required) or visit to listen to the whole show. Stacy appears at about the 48-minute mark.

SBL is recorded every Monday at 7pm ET.

Want More Golf? Turn Up Your Radio

“Golf on the radio” used to sound about as exciting as “watching paint dry.” But thanks to XM radio’s new golf plans, there are some interesting new developments over the airwaves.

XM RadioYou’ve probably read about the recent flurry of sports-related signings by the two big satellite radio networks. XM has Major League Baseball, but is going to lose NASCAR to its rival Sirius, which already has the NFL and NBA. How has XM hit back? By adding golf to its menu. So when you’re done getting crunked up with Lil Jon, you can get your groove on with PGA Tour-sanctioned radio, 24-7 style.