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TV is not a frontal lobotomy, golf edition

Recently, there's been a lot of "golf" you can watch on tv not Golf Channel, not anything coming from a multinational conglomerate, but by way of individuals and social circles.  There's the 3 things video that @iacas posted here, which was excellent. In addition, the 5SK videos that were included with the subscription was an excellent overview of 5SK, plus there were a couple of videos from Dana Dahlquist and a ton from Chuck Evans.  Here




Bird up close at Bryce Canyon

People don't listen to the signs, feed the birds anyway. No, he still didn't fly away after I stopped recording. I also recited some Edgar Allen Poe at it, don't think it was appreciated.   




Montreal bagels

Went to Montreal's two well known bagel shops a couple of times. St Viateur and Fairmount. Although I've had Montreal style bagels at Black Seed Bagels in NY, wanted the real thing. Not religious about which is better, they are different. Montreal bagels are crunchier on the outside, more dense on the inside, a bit smaller, a big plus for me, cheaper, and there are some interesting types - rosemary for one. I'm not sure what seedless was. Nonetheless, I really liked them, but they're different f




An old school no frills "audiophile" and sentimentality

This is my primary stereo receiver: It's nearly 30 years old and still kicking although mine looks a little more worn. It has no remote, no surround sound, no spdif output, no hdmi inputs, no BT, the list goes on. It is the equivalent of an old car with manual steering, manual roll up windows, no antilock brakes but with a finely tuned and maintained engine that never breaks down. Its amplifier parts were taken from another NAD model, the 3020, which was known for its awesome sound an




Observations from Northern Trust Tuesday

Disparaging remarks from some players on Sean Foley Talk about hotels and points and yawn, boring. No charging stations. Momofuku here too, same as US Open (tennis). Generally, students of the game hover around the short game area. One spectator struck up a conversation w/a player about pitching. Haven't been to a tournament in awhile, radar everywhere. You can park behind Starbucks, walk across the coliseum to the buses (10 minutes, just like the US Open - tennis),



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    • Number 4 is interesting to me. I've been entering State Mid-Am qualifiers the past two years. The first year, I played well but missed qualifying. Last year, I sucked ass. I thought after last year that I would take a break and try to get a little better before trying to qualify again. But maybe I should keep entering and try to get more used to playing in these. Food for thought, for sure.
    • I've been having a few meetings with a sports psychologist who wants to have lessons for golfers.  One of the, not revolutionary, but different ways of thinking about performance for every time you play is to try and beat your average, instead of thinking about beating your best or your handicap (at least it is different to me, and I guess makes me relax a bit more instead of trying overly hard to perform). This way, the goal is more achievable and yet serves the same purpose of trying to get be
    • That’s why I posted it. It’s not just for juniors.
    • At the risk of being redundant, this can apply to everyone.
    • Just found this thread-fascinating. No idea what is driving this ...seems to have history...I love the topic of Belief. "Belief is the state of mind in which a person thinks something to be the case regardless of empirical evidence to prove that something is the case with factual certainty.  Truth is a term used to indicate various forms of accord with fact or reality, or fidelity to an original or to a standard or ideal.  Fact: something that is known to have happened or to exist

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