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Just call me the single length irons guy -- I'm a recreational golfer who has historically shot in the low 100s and who is on the way to the low 80s thanks to a set of unconventional single length clubs. You can read about my single length irons journey at www.single-length-irons-guy.com/single-length-irons-journey/

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Single Length Clubs

By now you've probably heard about Single Length irons -- if I had to describe Single Length irons with one word, it would be: simplicity. There is no intellectual property or new technology involved because single length irons are simply irons with same length shafts, same weight heads, and slightly different lofts — that’s it! You get the benefit of a single swing plane, single swing tempo, and single ball position which simplifies your game and improves your scores.

Golf Scholarship

“From what we get, we can make a living; what we give, however, makes a life.” ~ Arthur Ashe I overheard the golf coach at my daughter's golf camp say that he can get any girl with average golf skills a scholarship to college. But I thought to myself, what about the rest of the aspiring young golfers out there? So here is my way to help give back -- the first (of hopefully many) golf scholarships for high school/undergraduate students who are on their school's golf team. The $1,00
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    • This off season in addition to Superspeed training I’ve been studying Kyle Berkshire ( who grew up playing baseball).  His swing does remind me of growing up playing baseball.  I had one swing for singles/ line drives and another swing for hitting it deep.  His swing reminds me of the latter. Im going to post what Art Sellinger said on the TPI about Kyle during the WLD this year.   Think about an intertube being towed by a boat.  If the driver wanted to make the tube accelerate
    • I have been thinking a bit about this post since I’m really focusing on improving my putting until the season really starts over here.    I have now added a metronome to my practice.    Now on to my question - I have read multiple places that a number to aim for (although not absolute but it’s something I can quantify) is 600ms on the backswing and 300 on the downswing.    Now reading this post and adding the 78BPM to the equation a beat with 78BPM is roughly 770ms so that d
    • It's just for me, so no copyright worries there. And I am making very slow progress.
    • I would prefer a Darth Vadar or a Storm Trooper. 
    • Don't try to sell it. Disney has been sending cease and desist letters to Etsy craftspeople making Yoda thingies. Trademark violation.

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