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    • I disagree, and I’ve explained the movement a few times now. At the end of the day, you were there and the fact that you had to ask us tells me that you had serious doubts.  Nothing against you personally at all but I don’t think it meets the qualifications for being holed.
    • Were you expecting to? If you hit them better, play them. It's your bag. Nobody is going to tell you what to do with it. Hybrids are mainstream clubs these days. Most tour players carry at least one. Mocking someone for playing hybrids would be akin to mocking someone for using a 460cc driver. This is a bit of an exaggeration isn't it? I literally never see anyone slaving away in frustration trying to learn to hit a long iron. Most people go the path of least resistance and switch to hybrids or even higher lofted woods. Much easier to spend money on new equipment so seek improvement than it is to work for it. Most people that I've seen complaining that they "can't hit a hybrid" are talking about a tendency to hook the ball with hybrids. It's not that they can't physically hit a hybrid, just that the miss is too penal or too frequent to be of any benefit over an iron. I'm in that camp. I used to carry a 2h and a 4h, ended up taking the 4h out of the bag and putting my 4i back in. The miss with the 4i is safer than playing Russian Roulette with the 4h.
    • Yes it was.  If you watch the video closely, as the wind subsides and the flag moves towards the centre of the cup, the ball follows it.  We are only talking about fractions of inches but the ball would not stay connected to the flag as the flag moved away from it, if more than half of the ball wasn't over the hole.
    • Day 443 Out early this morning. Other things to do today.  Practiced short game, forced carries of 20, and 40 yards. The carry was over a bunker, with 3-4 foot high burm behind it, to a pin 5+/- yards from the bunker. Idea was to land the ball on the back side, down slope of the burm, so the ball would run/bounce towards the flag. That, or flop, and drop the ball near the flag.  A couple of balls didn't carry the burm, rolled back into the bunker, and became bunker practice shots.  All lies were from 2 day old grassy turf, in the short game practice area. . Focus was on my set up to pull off these shots. 
    • I don’t know what rule you are talking about, and I don’t know what rule you think I’m talking about.  Can you be clear please.  
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