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    • And...you might meet a guy who will be your go to guy down the road...we were introduced to a fitter. Ended up buying from him...irons and wedges... Still using them...got all kinds of good golf info from him..picked up a used set of ping eye 2's last year for $100...brought to my guy (his house is his temporary covid 19 shop) and got my grips and extra wrap put on in 20 minutes while I waited. He fitted me for a driver three years ago...all in $350 plus almost three hours of time with him. You'll learn about swing speed, what shafts are probably best for you, lie...ask a ton of questions
    • It’s just a money grab!  NCAA can’t have one Conference going rogue.   I’d cancel the season!
    • 92,46/46. Shot 104 on this course the previous time I played it.  I had a no sevens round going until an 8 on a par 4. Total headcase, no reason for it, just plain stupid. Anyway, drives were good, but the 3 wood didn’t cooperate until the 16th hole and a par on the par 5. My putting is terrible. Couldn’t get the first putt to within 3 feet and they were all short. So on the 15th hole, I thought, maybe I’m standing too close to the ball.  So I backed off a bit, extended my arms and it sermed like I could see the line better.  Putts were better after that.  
    • So what? Should the colleges just say, "you know what, you are going to get lots of money anyways, let us use you as indentured workers so we can make millions off your abilities". That is basically the situation college athletes are in when they are in a program that is the money machine for the college. We had indentured workers in the past in this country and as a society we kinda said no. At some level these players need to actually get some value for what they are doing in college. If a junk degree isn't valuable enough then they at least need to make money off their likeness and they need to at least get some sort of compensation from the school.  This just sounds like pettiness.   
    • I was going to say something similar about getting the basics covered. At this point you really want to know if you equipment is appropriate for you and don't need an in-depth fitting to do this. 
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