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There was a local pro who was on his way to be someone big on the Tour when some form of arthritis got him. He beat Johnny Miller in a playoff at the Sun City Open in South Africa when it was the richest tournament in the world. This was back in the day.

He came home and opened a driving range and instruction area. I was out there when he had a woman who looked to be in her 60's on the tee.

I have to say that his "teeside manner" was a bit gruff. I could hear him telling the lady, "No, no, no! You're not doing what I told you to do!" But later, when I'd take a break between shots, I'd look a few tees over, and see this chubby old lady knocking 5 irons out there 150-160 yards!


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    • Yes that is over simplifying it. In most competitions society has made the determination that it is important for women to have equal access to sports competition. To make it fair most sports are divided by gender. Now we have a group of people who don't quite fit that division the way that it was envisioned. If we assume that a male body type tends to provide more speed and strength (true in golf as seen with top and average club head speed) then the effects of testosterone are the key question (as I see it). If you have an XY individual who identifies as a female and had hormone therapy starting before puberty and ask her to compete vs the males she is at a significant disadvantage. Conversely if she did not have hormone therapy until after puberty and adolescence then the muscle growth and bone changes will be consistent with the Male type. Yes subsequent hormone therapy will reduce that effect but once bone and muscle growth occur (in terms of lengths) they do not revert. The inverse is true for a XX who identifies as a male. The corollary is much more akin to "steroids". IT is really complicated by the fact that some XX Females have more strength and speed than some XY males so none of this is certain. Golf has come as close as any sport to having a gender neutral competition but the gener differences due to testosterone still skew the game. Lydia Ko could not keep up with Dustin Johnson over many rounds. His strength and height (golf levers) make it unfair not matter how good her game is, a wedge in hand will beat a 5 iron over time.  
    • "Tiger Woods is without question the most powerful and influential athlete of my time. Michael Jordan is not only 2nd, if it was a golf tournament, he'd be 15 strokes off the lead. " — Colin Cowherd
    • I wouldn't worry about it until you have put in enough time, with the new shaft, to make an honest assessment.  The exact specifications of any club, while interesting to know, are not as important as the clubs performance.  Remember, also, that you didn't switch shafts with the intention of producing the same result...you switched shafts to see what would happen.  Give it some time.
    • Good idea if you get the table start slowly just like you did with Yoga. The muscles have to adapt to the position. Also the blood is rushing to the head and you have to get used to that. So start slow  with just a few minutes then add time as you get used to it.  You also do not have to go all the way upside down. I have been doing Yoga and using the inversion table for over 20 years
    • Hi All. New member here. Ive joined up as I have fallen in love with the game. A while ago I had a friend over from interstate and a group of us went out and played 18 holes. I literally shot 160. It wasnt an enjoyable experience for me - I just wasnt competent enough to fit in and have fun. My friends arent amazing golfers, but I was something else. I woke up hungover the next day with a resolve to improve my game to a level where I can go and have fun with my mates. I lay on the couch watching youtube videos on the basic fundamentals. Six months later I play at least three times a week and hit the driving range at least once a week. I havent had any lessons yet and feel I need some. My goals have changed over this time. Initially it was to just get to a competent level to enjoy playing with my friends. Now it is to shoot in the 40's over nine holes consistently at my local course. I also have a more general goal to be able to play well enough to enjoy playing at golf courses if I go on holiday to overseas golf resorts with friends. I have improved markedly. Sub 50 scores over 9 are regular. My chipping and pitching are easily my strengths. Putting is quite average, irons lukewarm and as for the driver- thats my biggest head wreck. I have days where I can direct it semi straight and others where I cant keep it on the fairway. In fact a general round is a complete roller coaster off the tee. It frustrates me greatly. I move between hitting my driver or alternating with my 3 wood, which i actually hit further, but am also just as prone to shanking not much further past the ladies tee.  Ive played competitive sport my whole life - cricket, AFL, baseball and tennis and have absolutely no desire to ever play competitive golf (ie: tournaments).
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