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    • For casual rounds (typically played alone)... I'm usually slamming the trunk, stepping on to the first tee, taking one or two swings at nothing with my driver to loosen up and then heading out.  Unless I happen to get there early or something, in which case I'll hit a few wedges at the range.   For rounds where I'm playing for something... I'll show up 20 minutes early to hit a few balls.  In that case... it'll be a few 9 irons, a few 6 irons and if I have time, a few drivers.  If I still have 5 minutes or so, I like to hit a couple 10 footers on the practice green. For competitive, tournament rounds (pre-COVID)... I show up 90 minutes early.  I like to get my pockets set up (tees, ball marker and club cleaning tool in my right pocket, sunscreen chapstick in my left pocket and my ball mark repair tool in my back, right pocket). I'll typically hit balls on the range for 30-45 minutes, working from wedges up to my driver.  I'll then take a few minutes to relax in the shade (or in the clubhouse).  I'll head back out and putt for 20 minutes, starting with 10 footers to get the pace right and then moving to 6 footers to get some confidence.  If there is a chipping area, I like to spend about 10 minutes there before heading to the staging area and socializing for 5-10 minutes before we head out.  With COVID... I try to keep it as close to the same routine as possible... just shorter.  We're only supposed to show up 30 minutes prior to tee time which really condenses things.  I hit balls for 15 minutes, putt for 5-10 minutes and then head off to the first tee. CY
    • 2, 2, 3, 1 or 2.     A poorly positioned beverage cart can sometimes be an issue, especially for long hitters.
    • 2,1,1,2. The only time we are yelling "four" seems like when we are playing through another group. And about half of that time is because the group we are playing through decides to stand somewhere where they might have a chance to get hit. Get the hell completely out of the way.
    • I hit into a downed elm tree last week (marked ground under repair) on the left side of the fairway and my group saw my ball go into the branches. My partner parked his cart to the right of the tree and got out on the left side to help search. After about 2 minutes of wading through the area I started getting pissed and drove in a circle around the area to cover ground quickly and then saw my ball in the fairway just 2 feet right of my partner's cart (ball was muddy so not an obvious white orb). I figured it was close to 3 minutes but not more. My partners all agreed it was under 3 minutes. Since no one had a watch or bothered to put the clock on, what is the ruling? 
    • Hi Erik, Thanks for the feedback. I had actually recorded these in high speed with my iPhone, but uploading them to my computer removed the effect. I'll try trimming them in iMovie and seeing if I can keep the high speed effect by importing them through that. Could you explain what you mean by having my lower body support the turn more?
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