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    • It makes it different, which can be fun and challenging. I have a friend who is a 2 HC and when we play, he plays my tees which are the 6000-6300 tees. He ends up having to use other clubs off the tee than he is used to. We played a course two weeks ago and on the front 9 I shot a 39 and he a 38, which means I beat him by 5 on that side net. He struggled with club selection off the tee.
    • While this is a fairly annoying video (from the interviewer) I though all the information was great. I know many on this site don’t think that using the line to line up putts is beneficial I know it works for me. And I used to have a semi circle line drawn on the ball. After this video I started drawing a full circle on it. And it’s really awesome watching the putt roll with the line straight without any wobble. Like Malaska said, if you line it up and make it roll you’ve made one part of the putt already. This will help with speed as it will give you a constant roll out and with bead as you will get instant confirmation you’ve hit your line. It doesn’t help with the read though.     
    • Stableford is, in effect, a specific form of Maximum Score, the max being net double bogey.  At my course, Max Score has been embraced for the women's monthly medal (stroke) with a max score of 10 because they have a large number of new golfers after a women's fitness/golf membership drive and didn't want to force them to finish a hole if a monumental and embarrassing disaster is underway.  Helps the newbies, protects pace of play and has no relevance for handicap purposes because the entered score gets adjusted to Stableford equivalent anyway.
    • I read the graphic novel a few years before the movie came out.  It's a bathroom book for me.  For what was out there for comics at the time, this was really groundbreaking.    The pilot was a little light on details, but I thought it was well done.  I'll give the season a shot, but it's in the back of my mind that this is from the same guy who came up with LOST.  So there's some skepticism there.  
    • Day 170.  I got home way too late, but remembered the challenge so I'm doing some of UGP's stretches.  Probably good given how little I moved today.  (Incidentally, earlier today I saw my future golf room for the first time, better than the previous one!  Ten days until setup!)
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