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    • It is sounding more and more like this is going to be a vaccine that you have to get more than once, or get booster shots, or get every year like a flu shot. Maybe we'll have to get it twice a year or four times a year. Hell, if it works and is safe I'll get one vaccination every week if need be.
    • What Adam said. I'd also add if you are one of those players that carries a "sand wedge" by that I mean a wedge which you only use from the sand, testing that without sand may be the biggest waste of time ever.  Often a wedge fitting begins with the question "What do you do with your wedges?" Do you favor a specialized wedge for a certain task, or do you use all of your wedges for multiple tasks? Somebody who hits full shots with their wedge has far different needs than somebody who only uses it for chipping, short pitches, or long pitches, or only uses it out of the sand. Some people carry one wedge for this purpose, one wedge for that purpose and then a utility wedge which needs to do a lot of stuff.  Similarly, the answer to the above question can change over time.  I just realized I never actually addressed the OP's original question.  If you have the funds to get fit for a club before you buy it. I'd always recommend doing so. This is true of everything in your bag, including your putter.  Getting fit can help reduce or eliminate F.U.D. (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) I believe getting fit also allows you to learn more about your game and how you use your clubs. Personally, I find getting fit is fun.  Of course, there is always a cost factor and I totally get that. 
    • Yes I usually do check before I play. So far they have been pretty accurate. Sometimes the yardages are off some but not by much. The Preview Caddie has been helpful as well.
    • Ive been hearing the same. Same idea as dosage of virus to be infected. The heavier the dose, the more likely of serious infection but also the more likely to have a strong antibody base against further infection. So those who are asymptomatic or with mild symptoms may only build enough antibodies for a couple months. edit: it obviously isn’t as simple as that, but its the general  idea This bird is going to be tough to shoot down. 
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