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    • And a good shot out from under trees. 
    • Yes I have read this ruling, but it does not directly address my question. Is a general penalty when a partner stands behind his partner while he takes his stance and or putts. In which case, it would be a loss of hole? The second issue was the partner moved to a close proximity away after the player address the ball to make the putting stroke. And this occurred in a four ball partner match.    
    • I played today.   When I awoke it was 37°.    It warmed up to 48.   We had sunshine (unusual in Michigan) and no wind.   It was a great day to be on the golf course.
    • Here's a little experiment. Hit your tee shot with the longest club that you know will get it into the fairway. Say for example your 3 wood, your 3 hybrid, whatever. Say for example you hit it 210 yds. Now when you get to your ball, hit your approach shot. After you've done that walk up another 60 yds., drop another ball, now hit a 2nd approach shot. This will replicate where you would have been had you hit 270 yd drive. Which approach shot had a better result? Which drive would you rather have hit? Do this for 9 holes. On 420 yd par 4s a lot of players end up hitting 3W or 3H approach shots. If they could only hit their drivers further.  Crossfield pointed this out in a 2018 video commenting about when he played against Lee Westwood. Crossfield was hitting his 5H into the greens while Westwood was hitting 8 and 9 irons. Needless to say Crossfield lost the matches. You see a lot of books on the short game and putting because it's the easiest part of the game to get quick results. You can go out on the practice green a few times and almost eliminate 3 putting by learning how to lag putt and read the breaks in the greens. Just practice lag putting and 3' putts. Practice 3' putts until you don't miss and get good at distance control. Two putting isn't a bad thing. Then practice chipping and pitching. It's not that hard to get good enough to where you won't blow up your round there. It just takes learning a technique and some practice. Putting is easy compared to hitting the green from 200 yds away. It takes a lot more work to get the long game solid, and most people don't have that kind of time. Drive for show, putt for dough is a myth.  Practice your approach shots over 100 yds. - most important Practice with your driver. - 2nd most important Practice your short game shots inside 100 yds. Practice your putting. You'll see stuff how pros practice a ton of time with their wedges and with their drivers. Not much with their mid-irons. Remember - on a 440 yd par 4, a 310 yd drive leaves only 110 yds. I urge you to pick up a copy of Lowest Score Wins. 
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