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    • This hasn't been my experience at all. Six feet is not that far, and outdoors… the importance of social distancing is greatly diminished, anyway. It's still "social distancing" if you pass by a person two or three feet from them. It's not if you stand facing them from two feet away for a few minutes straight. Heck, riding in a cart with a plexiglass divider is considered "social distancing" by many, many health boards. So, maybe your definition just needs an update.
    • Well, we didn't get rained out today, and I shot a 79. I can't figure it out, two 79's in a row, bot the same score 37- 42. I think the back 9 is playing totally different than the front 9.  Like, they're cuting the greens differently, maybe trying to let the fairways grow mor or less than the front 9, etc. I just can't figure it out. I know it's not ME! 🤩
    • Infographic: Black Americans 2.5X More Likely Than Whites to Be Killed By Police This chart shows the percent disparity between each state's African American population and percentage of blacks killed by police in 2019. How The Police See Issues Of Race And Policing | FiveThirtyEight One important difference between the protests that have spread across the country for the past nine days and nights and other protest movements is their subject…  
    • This is exactly what I've been saying ever since they opened golf courses.  No social distancing.  There are few who do, but the majority of the people do not.  Especially around the tee boxes and greens.
    • Some simple rules. If you cannot agree to them, do not participate. It's that simple. This topic isn't in and of itself political or religious. Do not make it such - the rules we have re: "no politics or religion" still stand. No "all lives matter" bullshit. You'd be a dick if you went to a fundraiser for pancreatic cancer or into the terminally ill wing at St. Jude's and shouted "all cancers matter!" and you're a dick if you bring any "all lives matter" stuff to this discussion. Of course they do, but all lives are not the topic. Moderators will not be deleting any posts here in this topic, but will be a bit quicker on the warning trigger finger. Warnings will not — and never are — be given for "disagreeing." They'll be given if you violate the normal rules: no politics or religion no ad hominem attacks (attacks on ideas or opinions are fine, attacks on the people saying them are not) etc. No white knighting. We'd all like to think that we're "not racist" or whatever, but virtually everyone has subconscious biases, and this is a time for listening and learning and growing.
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