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Weekly Lessons?

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Lesson Frequency  

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  1. 1. Which is better FOR YOU?

    • Weekly 45 minute lessons for $45
    • Monthly or bi-monthly one-hour lessons for $120

Just a question right now, because I'm actually going to post this in Swing Thoughts as it's a bit more involved than what I want for my "Droplets" blog: which do you think is better (and why): lessons that cost you $45/45min. every week or lessons that cost $120/hour every month or two?

There's no one "right" answer.

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14 hours ago, Single Length Irons Guy said:

I guess it depends on how many things are wrong with a particular swing -- my experience with GolfTec years ago was that they seemed to pick one random thing to work on each lesson.


One random thing?  That doesn't sound very good.


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After changing strategies on lessons, I am of the opinion that I've scheduled them incorrectly. It only took 2-3 years to figure that out... lol.

I am making fundamental changes to my swing, and we are to the point of focusing on sequence and hammering it into my mind. Before I was focused on making a connected backswing. It was only by scheduling lessons about 10-14 days apart that I made progress. Once a month lessons allowed me to go back to my comfort zone of poor fundamentals.

In sum, I will update, but I'd say if you are fundamentally sound, have taken time off, and just want a seasonal check every now and then, or working on specifics like bunker game or putting/chipping, then scheduling when you want or when your season begins - may work for you.

If you are looking for fundamental change, I'd suggest a different route - frequent lessons with sufficient time at the range between lessons - focusing on what your instructor suggested to gain confidence that you are practicing the change. Ask for drills from your instructor and ask where you are in terms of progress. Good luck.

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About to have another lesson on Friday. I've made a lot of progress since March, taking lessons every 2 weeks with lots of range drills in between. I advocate this method, having tried the once per month lessons in Summer and Fall. It seems I've made leaps and bounds progress going every 2 weeks - work hard enough and it starts kicking in. Chuck those old habits and go more frequently if you can.

When I'm not at the range, I do flexibility for 30 minutes - I'm older, so I need to expand my flexibility, and I do these ridiculous shoulder exercises that hurt like heck.

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I'm very worried about practicing the wrong thing -- I certainly have been guilty of that in the past (I remember spending what feels now like a lot of time practicing keeping my right leg flexed in the backswing, for example).  One thing I really like about my current plan is that when I'm practicing regularly, I can take video and send it in to confirm I'm correctly working on what I'm supposed to be.  If I were taking in-person lessons and knew I'd be practicing regularly, I'd want weekly check-ins and corrections.  Somewhere in between might be better:  bi-weekly lessons, but a brief check-in in the middle. 

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If you have time to practice, i think lessons every two weeks works best.   Even if you don't have enough practice time between lessons every two weeks, i still think it's preferable to monthly lessons, which allow too much time to forget the lesson and not practice and learn.

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