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    • Perhaps he was too weak to lift the club after "blasting" that drive...
    • And just to insert a quick reality check here cheapest putter at Walmart is $60 USD and as I mentioned is neither milled, stamped, nor Winn gripped.  Cheers. 🙂 Merchants of Golf 1113533 Tour x Golf Black Putter no.550 | Walmart Canada Buy Merchants of Golf 1113533 Tour x Golf Black Putter no.550 from Walmart Canada. Shop for more Golf Clubs available online at...   Stamping a hosel is not trivial to the mass production of a club if costs are your priority. Ask any club maker they will confirm. Anyhow I appreciate your feedback, noted. Cheers.
    • You're the second person in the past two minutes to say that, and like the other, I didn't miss the point. Patent pending means almost nothing. It doesn't mean they've been granted a patent. It costs very, very little to submit a patent application. Nobody's said "cheap as possible." Except you just now, and me in quoting it right here. The grip may be an aftermarket grip. Dude, it's not an expensive putter. If you can get $10 or $15 for it, go for it. That's my recommendation. It's a flat piece of metal on the end of a stick. I could make a putter that "rolls" things perfectly well enough for $4 in parts from Lowe's and a putter shaft. Hell, a hammer could "roll" it well. You're missing the points: The putter is nothing special. It's not worth much $. It's probably from some overseas, cheap, Chinese type place with no actual web presence or any sort of actual company. If it was a known company, Google would have some information on it. The lack of anything on it is a big key bit of information that you're ignoring.
    • Totally different logo, not the same Red Zone. I googled first, deduced the ones you mentioned were not a match, then came here. You missed the point. I do not see "patent pending" on hosels. I handle lots of putters. I can't explain it's presence to you obviously as I have yet to determine the origin of the putter but anyone who makes clubs knows that stamping the hosel is a step you would never make if you were making "cheap as possible" clubs. Again, no one said it's an expensive club but definitely was not made as cheaply as possible. Walmart's cheapest clubs do not have Winn Pistol grips, you can confirm that easily.   I just want to find out who this company was and this putter if I can, if I can't it's not really something I want to defend to someone who's never touched it. But I appreciate the feedback. It's definitely not manufactured to the cheapest standards, nor does it feel cheap. The roll is on par with more expensive clubs and nothing like the myriad $10 clubs here. Cheers.
    • I didn't miss the point. At the end of the day, hitting the ball far requires speed and good contact. Move on now, please.
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