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Reflections on Golf and Life After ECU Injury - Part 2

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The popping sound I heard was quite loud and the pain was strong enough that my initial reaction was to think I actually broke the ulna bone(the outside arm bone) near the wrist.  I tried to pick my club back up and the nerves in my arm near the wrist were on fire.  I could not even grip the club at all with the left hand.  I had actually hit the ball a bit thin and the shot flared out to the right about 40 yards right and short of the green and I missed the water.  When I made it up to the ball I tried to one arm about a 40 yard chip up onto the green.   I bladed the ball into an embankment in front of the green luckily and it slowed the ball down enough that it hopped up onto the green and left me with a long putt.  I made two right hand only putts for a par somehow and we headed to the clubhouse at the turn. 

At the turn we grabbed some ice and I began to ice the injury.   My round was most definitely over.  I decided to ride along in the cart so my Dad could finish his round.   I had no idea what was actually wrong with my wrist but as the afternoon went on I was fairly convinced that the wrist or the arm bone was likely not broken.   I had a sinking feeling that something else was very wrong and that I was not going to be playing golf for a long time.   

Sleeping through that night did not go very well.  Anytime I moved my arm in my sleep I would irritate the wrist and the pain would wake me up.  The next day I went to an urgent care office to see if there would be an easy diagnosis.  The doctor came in and said that he had no idea what injury I had exactly but that it was likely some kind of tendon problem. He also mentioned that an x-ray would probably not find the issue either.  He gave me a brace to try and immobilize the wrist until I got back home and could have further tests done.  The brace also helped me to be able to sleep at night as well.  I did my best to enjoy the rest of that 2015 spring vacation and I looked forward to heading home to see a specialist who could try to figure out my issue. 

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1 minute ago, iacas said:

Unfortunately this is one of those times when an early diagnosis and treatment would mean very little. :-(

Yes, unfortunately so.

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This is not meant to make light of what happened - not in the least - but I found it interesting you not only wanted to finish the hole, but actually finished it and with a par. All while being in intense pain.

If anyone deserves to come back from an injury and once again play the game, it's someone with that much skill and desire.

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